Monday, June 30

Orange Kidnapped and Tortured

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HAPPIER DAYS : A picture of Orange before the unfortunate event.

Orange, last seen by her parents 2 hours ago is reportedly kidnapped by a sadistic madman who documents all his exploits online.

The following are graphic images uploaded on to the internet by the madman himself possibly in an attempt to upload images on to the internet.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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KIDNAPPED! : This photo is claimed by many to be the moment upon which the madman struck upon the orange and kidnapped it. The horrific expression on the orange as it was kidnapped has caused psychological grievance to a number of individuals who have laid eyes on it.

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SHEER TERROR: The expression of fear of the orange is almost too painful to look at as the madman forces it to look at the camera.

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SADIST: Photos of previous orange victim exploits were found in the madman's photo gallery. The recent kidnappee is expected to suffer the same fate.

The madman is suspected to operate by moving from one cyber-cafe to another leaving no definite trace behind.

Authorities are working round-the-clock to track down the exact location of the madman and to apprehend him before any further attacks take place.

All fruit are advised to remain indoors until the suspect is arrested. Provisions will be supplied to all fruits to ensure that they do not starve during this crisis. Fruits who plan on eating their offspring are highly not recommended to do so no matter how fresh and tasty they may be.

- SYM News Network

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