Saturday, February 28

Photos from a supermarket

LOW PRICES: Okay we get it

CABBAGI: Plural for cabbagus

CABBAGE: Just in case you haven't seen one before

Thursday, February 26

Peanut Flavored Furball

Pictured: A Fluffy Cat

One day Fluffy the cat allowed the contents of her stomachular cavity to be disgorged.

It is probably safe to say that the disgorgement highly resembles peanuts.

Tuesday, February 24

A brief moment of WTF-erry


This happened when I performed a hard-reset. This means I cut the power when the lappie was in the midst of doing something less-than-amusing. My lack of patience costed me a brief moment of disorientation.

A complicated set of steps were quickly followed to repair-install Vista.

It's all good now. *grin*

Sunday, February 22

The Questioning Fence

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y is all I hear you asking. Go read a book, fence.


Friday, February 20

Wednesday, February 18

It would be preferable not to buy this brand of rice

Peratus Kandungan Hancur: 100%.

Usually that means 'Percentage of destroyed rice: 100%'.

Usually people do not prefer to have rice that is totally obliterated to an unrecognisable powder-like state fit only for individuals who'd rather snort their meals up their noses.


Monday, February 16

Jihad Business

KFC was promoting this Malaysian monopoly game. Probably to encourage a business-like behaviour in the hearts and minds of aspiring Malaysians.

I noticed the creator of this game seems to be a group called Jihad Business.

A quick Google search on Jihad brought me this:

I think it would be a wise investment to purchase at least 5 of these board games that they are currently selling. I do think so indeed.

Saturday, February 14

Knowing Where You're Going

Clearly the artist understands how the KLIA transit works. Namely, crashing trains into painstakingly-built miniature train stations. Those vandals.

Thursday, February 12

The Golden Statue

murugan golden statue
Magnificent giant golden statue of Batu Caves. Definitely an eye-catcher. This is a statue of Hindu deity, Murugan, the GOD OF WAR. The tallest one of which in the world.

Standing almost 50 metres, it was brought in from Thailand and costed around 24 million Rupees (approximately RM1,750,261.57). 300 litres of gold paint was used to envelope the deity.

batu caves
This was back before the almighty God of War was complete.

milk bottle stall
And this was way back when the God Of War was selling milk for a living. No wait, my notes failed me. This is a random Batu Cave-r who is selling milk in a milk-bottle-shaped stall.

I like that stall.

Tuesday, February 10

The Devils' Mileage

Just. One. More.


Well. Only 60,000 kilometres left before I can get another photograph like this.

Sunday, February 8

Multipurpose Net-Device-Apparatus For Sale

If by invented, you mean "took from the Sweet Tangerines section in Boulevard Hypermarket Miri", then I've invented a Multipurpose Net-Device-Apparatus and you can be its proud owner for only RM1000.00 (1 sen price adjustment adjusted).

Here are some of its wonderful capabilities:

Applegot simulation

Mushroomhave simulation

Pumpkingot simulation

Rotting Karaoke Microphone Prop

Tasteful Fishnet Stocking

Obscure Masturbatory Helper Utensil (O.M.H.U.)

"O.M.H.U.-cam Simulator"

Jellyfishhave simulator

Mushroom Cloud scale model

Tank Trap

Friday, February 6

Blog Dedicated to Flight Enthusiasts

Are you interested in planes? No? Oh. Okay. Well. Um. This. Is awkward. Let's uh. Talk about the um. Weather.

Otherwise, visit the Captain's Flight Blog!

Incidentally, that engine in the flash header looks horribly off-balance. I'd step back if I were you.

Wednesday, February 4

Keep track of your spending with!

Click to enlarge! (Doesn't work on certain body parts)

That is my first ever entry into my spending diary! Good to have if you want to know how much you spend a day or a month or whenever.

Gotta start saving, gonna get That Captain a huuuuge unused Boeing 737 fuselage for his backyard.