Saturday, January 31

Anger Management

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I like to freak the waiters out by scratching the reciepts I get wildly and then paying for my meal. Thank you.

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, January 29

I can has cataract?

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Yeah one day I decided to dig my fingernail into my cornea and flick out this damn cataract.


- Strange Young Man

Tuesday, January 27

Interpreting the blank airplane

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  1. Plane in picture has no tailplane logo.
  2. Side-stripes of Malaysia Airlines are clearly still there.
  3. It's a rotten ol' Boeing 737-400.
  1. Malaysia Airlines is wishing a warm welcome to the low cost carriers but are careful in making themselves look modest by removing the luxurious MAS logo and choosing an aging aircraft as a model.
  2. Malaysia Airlines is being a dick and giving SARCASTIC REMARKS to AirAsia (the main user of the LCCT) about how they deserve to be in a Low Cost Carrier Terminal SEPARATE from the big-boys and a retiring, dirty and old aircraft is what they think of when they hear Low Cost Carrier.
Share your own interpretations!

Sunday, January 25

Happy Can is Gay

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"I'm Happy Can and I'm happeeeeeee! Let this world revolve with gaiety!"

-Strange Young Man

Friday, January 23

The Death of a Boob

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Remember that boob that my housemates got for me? No? Well then I forgot to mention that my housemates did indeed get me that boob. But from Korea! Not Great Eastern Mall where I first spotted it.

Unfortunately, constant squeezing has led to the nipple-cap layer to peel off and all its reddish glory flow out like PMS without GPS.

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, January 21

Hilariously Awful Kung Fu Panda Clone

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Some of you may say, for the price of RM19.90, it's a STEAL. Sneaky sneaky.

Don't be fooled by it's hollow lie:


It isn't.

- Strange Young Man

Monday, January 19

Freaked out frying pan is pretty freaked out

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- Strange Young Man

Saturday, January 17

Lovely Katamari Couple Wedding

Well, that's one undoubtedly tasty katamari cake!

The cake was spawned by Mike's Amazing Cakes.

Great job you two! Now go breed like bunnies.

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, January 15

The Story of the Toilet Sign

This single photograph tells a story only someone who stared at this sign for 5 minutes could come up with.

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  • First, an employee decided that he would stick this sign on the door.
  • Unfortunately he was illiterate. So he stuck the sign sideways.
  • A higher ranking employee came up to the sign and said it was placed wrong you fool!
  • Realizing his mistake, the employee forcibly yanked the sign out but only the plastic face pulled free
  • The sticky backing remained on the door
  • After a few minutes of trying to scratch off the sticky sticker, they eventually gave up
  • They had no choice but to stick the sign the right way up and hoped no eagle-eyed strange men would make fun of them
- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, January 14

Finish your homework please


Apparently this teacher (female) was so mad at this kid and LIFTED THIS BOY OFF THE GROUND BY HIS CHEEK.

Are they feeding steroids to school teachers there?

After the ripping of cheek, blood was splattering all over the place. The teacher, instead of seeking medical attention for the boy, told the boy to go home.

Next time you don't finish your homework accept that rotan (cane) to your palms in comfort knowing that half your face is still attached to you.

- Strange Young Man

(source) - Weird Asian News

Tuesday, January 13

Halal Toothpaste


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You know, in case you've been buying bacon-flavored-toothpaste.

- Strange Young Man

Sunday, January 11

Crazy Lady Jumps in Time Square, KL

I was informed by Candydon that her cousin told her about a crazy lady who jumped off one of the floors in Time Square, KL. She read it off this site which as far as I can tell, has since gone offline.

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I certainly hope she didn't crash spine-first into that rack-shelf-display-thing.

- Strange Young Man

Friday, January 9

Angry Air-Asia Passengers

Have you ever been screwed over by an airline company? Long hours of delays? Impolite stewards?

Too much of a wuss to stand up and yell profanities at their forehead?

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This guy certainly fit all that description. His methodology in giving them a chunk of his brain is scribbling notes on the lavatory walls and toilet lid.

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He's just shy.

Taken on an international flight by dear Candydon.

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, January 7



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It's it's hillarious because I know this guy, this guy he uses BENDON as an online identity!

And we ALL know what BENDON makes!


BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA if he only knew.

Photograph taken by the ever-lovely Candydon.

- Strange Young Man

Grinning Stones, Nipple Stache and some girl who loves satan

Here are some interesting pictures that I have dugg this past month.

A triplet of grinning stones. I believe they are an art-piece and I seem to have lost the note containing their source and origin.

Well done, guy.

I love satan claus too. Aw, look at Satan's stylish goatee.

- Strange Young Man

Monday, January 5

Giggling Newsreader


- Strange Young Man

Saturday, January 3

Captain Rex Suit

For fans of Clone Troopers like I, this should catch you in a way more shocking than by having a bulls horns catch you by the sack of your nuts.

REAL CAPTAIN REX SUIT: I think it's a real Captain Rex suit

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, January 1

Restoran Vargina

VARGINA: Makanan Islam yang lazat. Hanya di Restoran Vargina.

Whats a better way to begin a new year than with opening with an epic post.

Welcome to 2009!

Thank you Lutherniel Arnabnuddin Nobadon for the photograph of the restaurant which is downstairs of where you live.

May the makanan Islam of much lazatness come quickly to your belly.

- Strange Young Man