Saturday, November 29

Orange Peel On a Hood

Who would commit such an attrocity! >:C

Looks good though. Spirally little orange peel. Yay~!

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, November 27

Mysterious Black Creature

One day, at The Curve, I spied this curious black spot on a leaf.

It proceeded to hop onto an adjacent leaf.

Then it went on to hop on to this package which contained a silly little remote controlled car which could go straight and go reverse left.

It finally settled on the small-stone-filled ground. How very curious.

Oh little speck, what is your purpose? You hop around with such determination and a focused direction. When will you cease to distract me with your amusing journey?

- Strange Young Man

Tuesday, November 25

Familiar Cyberjayan Backdrop

Lookie, an ad featuring a background familiar to some of us. Some of us who include a bunch of people who study in a certain university.

Notice how cleverly they disguise the locale by creatively adding lockers in places which normally contain Basheer book fairs.

- Strange Young Man

Sunday, November 23


I never really liked durians. Then one day, buah bukak and wild durian caught my attention.

This. Is a buah bukak.

How small. And cute. It is the less messy durian of the two.

Its' flesh is not sticky, has a light aroma and is not as tasty as the WILD DURIAN! (electric guitar solo in the background)

Small. But has much longer thorns.

Sticky, creamy and puddingy. Strong taste and smell. Great flavour.


UNSUITABLE: Pictured are fingers not suitable for stimulation of human orifices

- Strange Young Man

Friday, November 21


Another webcomic of note:

Great artstyle with notable coloring work. Humour is of the strange kind.

Haha she was reeeeaaaallllyy crying. Who would've thought??

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, November 19

Instant Condom

You know how it feels when you're in the middle of getting it on and you're throbbing hard and ready for the whole world and then suddenly your mind shifts to grabbing a little silver packet and your entire attention gets shifted to trying to tear this damn slippery packet open and eventually you just use your teeth to rip it open? Know how that feels? Yeah, neither do I.

To those of you who can relate to my work of fiction above, do not fret! For the ProntoCondom is here! HEYURRRR! HYURR!!

Anyone seen them around Malaysia? Useful for keeping my rogue finger-ejaculate under control.

- Strange Young Man

Monday, November 17

Insecure Girlfriend makes Fried Buttocks

A boy and his girlfriend was walking around.

Another boy looked at the girl in a sexy manner.

The girl's boyfriend is indifferent.

Hurt by his apparent lack of concern, she decided to teach him a lesson by burning his buttocks.

Hmmm, poured gasoline and threw a lighter eh? I've got my own instructable if anyone is interested:

Uh. That didn't go as controlled as I would have liked it to. Make of it what you will.

- Strange Young Man

Saturday, November 15

Mating Lions Fail to Draw Immature Comments

Normally a video like this one which shows mating lions will draw immature comments and mangosteens. And yet the comments which can be read below were written.

Here are a few highlights from the comments:

- touchy and meaningful
- what matters most is faith
- God Bless You All

If you look for the same video in metacafe now, you'll notice there are zero comments. Metacafe clearly also saw the problem and quickly rectified it. Good job, Metacafe!

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, November 13

Fat Finger Illusion

For today's lesson of non-necessity, I will explain the fat finger illusion which can be seen in Ikea's in-your-face, that'll-teach-you-who's-boss, don't-question-us THAT'S WHY ads.

Upon approaching the ad, you will realise that they used a model with hideously fat fingers for their ads.

Why did they use fat-fingered models? Do they have some sort of weird fetish? What kind of sick fetish is it?? Is it hygienic? Could it potentially cause a rectal infection?

Of course not, silly.

The model isn't fat fingered, it's an ILLUSION!

Take a few steps back and you'll realise the fat finger is actually not so fat.

See? Not so fat.

The reason I was standing so close in the first place was because the font they used in the ad was a tad too small.

So, Ikea is kind of trapped between two choices :

a) increase the font size and waste printing ink and have ordinary fingers

b) maintain font size but instill weird fetishes in patrons minds

0r I just need glasses.

- Strange Young Man

Tuesday, November 11

Got an uncle with high blood pressure? Fart in his face!

That's right.

Fart in his face. Queef.

Studies find that cells lining mice’s blood vessels produce fart and helps keep the rodents’ blood pressure low.

The exact same thing happens in humans.

Therefore it is safe to assume that farting in the face of someone with blood pressure related problems is highly recommended.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

More realistic details here.

- Strange Young Man

Sunday, November 9

Living in Tight Quarters

This is a pretty awesome sight. This here is Kowloon Walled City. Remeniscent of a scene from Wall-E, I'd like to visit that place some time. It must feel pretty homey. Like that village place in Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle.

Unfortunately, if you are more knowledgable than I am when I said I wish I can visit the place some time, you'd realise that it had been torn down in 1993.

Speaking of tight quarters:

Theories on what the heck he is doing with his head up an elephants ass here.

- Strange Young Man

Friday, November 7

Viva Pinata?

Image Hosted by

Cheap knock-offs of Pinata's from the game Viva Pinata

Image Hosted by

I guess that pinata looks fairly-unlike the in-game Buzzlegum to escape a copyright lawsuit.

And the logo on the tag is missing the "Viva".

Image Hosted by

See? No "Viva".

So I guess you're safe, pinata design stealing pinata manufacturer! Carry on being unoriginal!

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, November 6

Bűb Bub

Image Hosted by

I would have taken a video of me squeezing it, but, it's like RM7.90. I don't want to risk breaking it. Plus, the shoplady was giving me a peculiar look. Image Hosted by

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, November 5

Tuesday, November 4


I used the LOLbuilder, responsible for the creation of many FAIL posts, to create a semi-amusing fail picture of a pastry shop I visited.

Image Hosted by

I said, semi-amusing okay? >:C

- Strange Young Man

Monday, November 3

Top Quality Cotton Riyadh shirt

Image Hosted by

Top quality it says there. It must mean that if you give it a go in the washing machine it won't end up totally looking like shit.

And yet.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

It must be a new line of clothes.

The more you wash it, the more fashionable it gets.

- Strange Young Man

Sunday, November 2

Strong Wind

Image Hosted by

"After the hurricane, Terry the tree was never the same again."

A tree in front of Citibank Ampang. I think it's Ampang. Right?

- Strange Young Man

Saturday, November 1

Forwarded E-mail Picture : Innovative Sleeping

"Is that Bryan sleeping back there? Someone wake him.. Oh, no, it's just a bag. Carry on then."

Image gotten from forwarded e-mail.

- Strange Young Man