Tuesday, July 1

Questionable Device Found in Washing Machine

Curious inhabitants of The Home for The Old and Pruny (subsequently referred to as THOP) made a startling discovery in their private washing machine earlier today.

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INNOCENT MACHINE PART (OR IS IT?) : Geraldine, an inhabitant of THOP said that he was washing his dentures when they slipped and fell under the washing machine. As he bent over to pick his teeth up, he noticed this flap.

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THE PULL-OUT METHOD: Geraldine, who is highly active in adventurous activities like collecting stamps and folding origami naturally felt curious. He decided to pull out the device to see what was attached to the other end of it.

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OH MY: To his surprise, he pulled out a very questionable-looking plastic piece out of the washing machine.

He later proceeded to run into the hall arms-flailing and show it off to the girls. They were reported to have giggled immaturely. Even Ronald, who is clearly a man, was said to have giggled like a little girl. Ronald denied all accusations and killed everyone who thought otherwise.

Since the incident, the purpose and use of the plastic piece became a well-debated and controversial subject among the people of THOP.

The most popular theory, suggested by the most-experienced and most-loved(by the male community) inhabitant of THOP, lovingly reffered to as 'Aunty Sagskin', is an interesting one.

She claims that because of the nature of housewives (which the washing machine market was made for), in which they are alone at home while their husband is out working, this piece of equipment serves to give to them in the day, what their husband is only able to give to them at night.

"Naturally, we ladies are embarassed to admit that we do that kind of thing when our spouses aren't home. So we hide it in the machine. My only regret is that they didn't have this feature during my generation(laughs).", comments Aunty Sagskin.

She then proceeded to stretch her left arm high and scratched her armpit with the fingers of her right hand.

When contacted, the washing machine companies released the following statement:

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