Friday, June 27

Bottle Pyramid

A hideous retard with a ridiculous hairstyle decided it was a grand idea to:


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More like a bottle triangle, fagface.

He claims he has done the math to calculate just exactly how many bottles he needs to make the bottle triangle.

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I can't read his shoddy handwriting for nuts so I won't bother to find out what it actually means and am just going to guess that he thinks he needs 13 bottles for the base of the triangle and he needs 91 bottles. What a nerd.

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His supply of bottles. I bet he stole them.

Oh wow he demolished it how exciting.

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A clearer image showing the carnage that this madman created.

Clearly this person is not of sound mind. If you ever see this person around, give him a reassuring pat on his back, close your eyes and nod your head slowly.

- Strange Young Man

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