Thursday, December 31

Little Shinkansen Bubble Firearm

If you've been wondering where that little train thing on my cubicle originally came from. Now you know.

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Yes. I spent my money on a beautiful light blue bubble gun. -happy-

That plant is called what?

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Worry not, the semen in this context means seed. So there's no reason to believe that a plant grew roots within some guy's winky shaft.

I think.

Wednesday, December 30

Um... Do Not Really Want

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Press the button!

I know there's an effort to stop homosexual discrimination but this is quite ridiculous.

Tuesday, December 29

Horrible Snake Eyes Toy

Remember that one time I posted about Snake Eyes and his tastelessly placed nipple button?

You probably don't since your memory is always failing like mine.

Well when you actually press the button that's in the middle of his chest, you can hear such ridiculous noises such as the ones you hear below.

-shakes head in dissapointment-

Movie industry what have you done? And this isn't some cheap knockoff either. It's actually a HASBRO product. In fact, it's the very same one you see here.

Monday, December 28

What's Long, Cylindrical, Soft, Warm and Hairy?

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This adorable little critter that I saw in FRIM of course! Ain't it just sweet.

Sunday, December 27

Saturday, December 26

A Monster On That Girl's Back

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Excuse me little girl? I can't help to notice that there appears to be some sort of monster strapped to your back. Would you be interested in flinging it away in a panicked-manner before it eats your spine?

Friday, December 25

Fancy Ripcurl wallet

These are photographs of the wonderfully thin wallet that Rainbowbee/Candydon got for me.

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Thank you kindly!

What are THESE?!

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Okay, I promise this is the last photo in my 'Confused Animals' folder. The other being Jojodog. (day before)

Incidentally, this tortoise was released into the nearest monsoon drain due to stupid Jojodog constantly trying to consume the water into which this very tortoise poops into.

I suspect that the tortoise is currently choking on a bottlecap and will sooner than later be discovered dead. Requiescat in pace.

Oh and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24

Wednesday, December 23

It was an itsy bitsy teeny weenie silver smalley car Skyliney

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It's that tiny Nissan Skyline that I bought at Isetan.

It's hiding.

Tuesday, December 22

Collection of Little Vehicles

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My modest collection of adorable little cars. And a familiar frog.

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Monday, December 21

Big Bone for Jojodog

I'm not sure how aware you people are about how bitey Jojodog is but in order to prevent further denticular chaos and mayhem to my personal belongings, I've decided to buy this bone for her.

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I think if I accidentally drop it on her, I'll be charged with first degree murder.

Sunday, December 20

Unboxing My Bulkhead

As you may have no doubt noticed. I am fond of all things cute.

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So I bought animated Transformer Bulkhead. He is the only one around there that looks the most appealing in design.

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Look at him, he's so cyute.

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This be his less-than-symmetrical packaging.

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Saturday, December 19

Nuffnang Tickets

My Digi MMS Nuffnang Speak Up entry on inter-faith relationships granted me two complimentary tickets for any show.

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Well done, me!

I then spent the tickets on watching G-Force (which was unexpectedly good) with my partner of a different faith (of which I will not mention in an effort to stop religionism).

Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 18

I have become a victim of the advertising industry

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Remember the Calorie Mate which is the very same one that Naked Snake promoted with all his facial-hairy-glory?

Well his fuzzy facial hair has clouded my judgment and has resulted in the purchase of these little blocks of food.

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The first real look of a Calorie Mate block.

They taste chocolatey and has a calorie-ful sort of taste to it. As I sunk my teeth into the soft and brittle compound, my tongue was greeted with little chunks of the block.

From what I can tell, this block was saturated with cookie. It didn't feel like there were little bubbles of air within the block. They absorbed the moisture of my tongue in the same way powder would.

The mixture felt like cookie-dough as it slid down my throat.

So that's my highly-descriptive experience eating the block. I liked it. I have to write down my experience in such detail because I doubt I'll be getting another one since it costs an excessive RM11.00 in KLCC Isetan last time I checked.

Ultimate Bumblebee

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Saw this in a shop in Times Square. They're cool people.

Silly Blogger and their Flawed Posting System

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That's what it shows on the Preview. Never checked the published version.

But I'm going to assume it looks like how it does on the Preview. It's a Preview after all.

Sunday, December 13

False Advertisement

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So the promotional material of Snake Eyes in the movie G.I. Joe never showed him to have lips of any sort.

Why would they do that?

I remembered saying 'What? He has lips? I don't remember that. He looks cooler without lips.'

Why are you complaining about such a minor detail? That's because fellow readers, I was trained to notice little details in aesthetics.

Which brings me to another observation. Which had been discussed in this post.

That guy's a jerk.

Plagiarized Kerotan Frog Package Destroyed

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I've finally decided to dispose of that package where the frog used to sit in.

Image Hosted by

For it to sit in its new resting place. The back of this Myvi car. Though it's not really there anymore. Make some sense strangeyoungman.


Selling my Toyota Supra 1999 Modified with body kit

XMODS Red Toyota Supra with 'tuner' body kit and 'original' body kit. Also included are some spare parts, a carrying case, a booklet and those awesome lights you see there.

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Item(s) conditions:
Minor scratch on front bumper

Reason for sale: Buying Proton Gen-2

Additional Details:

+ Item is provided as-is. It is in perfect working condition a month ago but haven't checked since.

+ Radio controller 9 volt battery included.

+ Car batteries not included. If you want to test it, please bring some along.

+ Uses 4 AAA batteries

+ This is not a toy. It is comparable to higher end R/C cars the only difference being its size.

+ I suspect there will be some questions about its speed. It could go uncontrollably fast (roughly 2m/s) once but I've burnt out that motor. I've only got a lower end motor now.

+ Has proportional steering (smooth turning not like those toy cars in the jusco which just snaps left or right)

Email me for pinkslip (ownership transfer) details. -wink wink-

Monday, October 26

Station Cat Station Cat He's a Stationary Station Cat

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Station Cat 1. He haz a forcefield. As the picture above unclearly shows, Station Cat 1 is inside his red-and-white ribbon sanctuary. Seemingly out of reach from anyone.

Image Hosted by

Station Cat 0 (see what I did there?) Is the total opposite of Station Cat 1. Choosing to live his life in places with the most human contact. These are the stairs that lead down from the train station platform.

Image Hosted by

It only takes one insane lady with high-heels to crush your tiny skull, Station Cat 0. But if Station Cat 0 likes living life on the edge, then perhaps it is his destiny to leave the world in a manner as epic as previously mentioned.

Image Hosted by

Station Cat 0, risking it all, purely for his daily adrenaline rush.

Saturday, October 24

RapidKL Kelana Jaya line to increase number of trains

I have just received a tip-off from my RapidKL informer Rodzi Nanyat who is totally not going to get fired for giving me information regarding the increase of trains on the Kelana Jaya line.

Rodzi, who told me to keep it a secret, said that the current 2-car trains will be extended by two more cars thus doubling the trains capacity.

He says the management always had plans to have a 4-car train but budget concerns meant that the 4-car train can only be realized later in the trains production life.

Rodzi is totally a real employee at RapidKL and RapidKL should not attempt to murder him and make it look like an accident (like pushing him onto the train tracks) for revealing company secrets.

What! What do you mean no such employee exists!

If Rodzi is fictional, how else would I know about their 4 car trains?!

Obvious signs you say?? What are you talking about?

Image Hosted by

These tell-tale "extra doors" probably don't mean anything.

Image Hosted by

And this train with some beras and a happy cop shouldn't be of any significance.

And this video of the 4-car train by kelvinkhew being tested in broad daylight?

The shadows are all wrong.

UPDATE: Reader edmundyung shares with us a months-old photo of the 4-car train in the depot

Image Hosted by

Great photojournalism skills there edmund!

Totally Innocent Photo of Two Huge Round Melons

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Actually they're not really melons.

Friday, October 23


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See, that's Batu Caves to the left side of the horizon.

Image Hosted by

To its right, that's roughly the Sri Gombak area. Which is my current residence.

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That burning was going on for a few weeks with no obvious plans to stop.

The burning smell came back again last night. And none of our windows or doors were open. Can you imagine inhaling the smell of burning throughout the whole night? While you're sleeping? trying to sleep?

It's almost as bad as sitting in a coffee shop at 8:47 in the morning blogging after breakfast and a couple comes to the table next to yours and they start sucking on their cigs.

Haze has changed. A few years ago haze was a thick eyebrowed issue. What with the masks and the air pollution index.

Now it's as common as breathing semi-polluted air.