Sunday, June 1


The day has come for me to leave my hometown Miri and return to my other hometown, Cyberjayaaaaaaa~!

Before leaving, let's see a couple of photos of Miri's mascot.


No seriously. A frickin' seahorse. Neiiigh!

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Here's one seen at a local supermarket. Very well done. Next to it was a donation box possibly for China quake victims. Not sure if the SEAHORSE ACTION FIGURE has anything to do with the box or not. Not even sure if the donation box is legit. (SUE ME I CAN'T READ MY NATIVE LANGUAGE)

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Here's a couple at a small roundabout. There's a bigger one at a bigger roundabout.

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But nothing can top THIS one:

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I believe it serves as a lighthouse for incoming ships. Yup, this one is located right next to the seaaaaaa

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If you were to turn your head to the right of this picture, you would see the pedastal atop which the giant seahorse is proudly standing upon.

Those are a bunch of tourists who came over to see the place. Probably some Bruneiens mixed in in there.

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Watch your step.

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There's a fancy restaurant with intricately carved detail on the walls nearby too. Pardon the horrible 'seam' in the middle of this picture. Its the built in 'Panoramic' mode in the camera.

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1 kilogram of THAT fish is RM380.00.

So what's the name of this pricey place you ask?

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Ulumulu Seafood Restaurant!

So if you're ever hungry for some nice fish remember to first sell your children!

(I can't comment on the taste of the dishes yet, I don't have kids)

- Strange Young Man

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