Sunday, June 29

Sleeping Cat Causes Massive Delay in Roadwork

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ELEGANT: Construction of this stretch of road had been put on hold.

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MESSENGER OF DEATH: Work was put on indefinite hold after a cat hindered efforts by workers to continue drawing this line.

Roadbuilders spoke to us during the incident and were reportedly outraged and proceeded to sulk after a high-priority road-marking operation was prematurely ended.

Witness testimony claim that the incident was caused by the shocking event involving a cat which obliviously strolled onto the construction zone.

The worker in charge of the road-marking operation had only this to say, "When the cat was approaching me, I didn't put much thought into it. It was only when it lay down on the line where it was supposed to continue, did I realise that we may have a major disaster in our hands."

Due to the chaos which caused a major traffic jam along the road, freight companies are expected to experience delivery delays and whiny-customers.

As of 8:00AM +8GMT, it is reported that a number of freight company managers are being yelled at rudely by customers who did not recieve their shipment in time. They later proceeded to cry into their pillows and played with knives.

- SYM News Network

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