Thursday, July 30

Don't click on something that says "Scrotum Pimple" and then complain because you saw a scrotum pimple

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A wise man on reddit once said that.

Only he wasn't talking about a scrotum pimple.

Does anyone have the source to this image? Is that really a pimple?

Wednesday, July 29

Manga Messiah

I was going through a Christian gift shop in Kuching one day when I came across this little gem.

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What better way to convince those 'youngsters' that Jesus is cool than by showing him wearing jeans and riding huge red motorcycles?

This other one goes all the way and makes a MANGA out of Him. MANGA MESSIAH.

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You just knoooow that evil looking one is Judas.

Conversation between shop-keeper and me:

Me : *looks at manga messiah in disbelief*
SK : Pretty neat huh? Youths like you should be reading these instead of the fighting-fighting ones.
Me : *pretends to be on her side* Yeah! Exactly! That's what I was thinking! That's why I'm taking a photo to recommend this to my friends!
SK : Oh that's good! *proceeds to talk about offers and discounts*

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If anyone has any idea how well these books are selling please let me know. These are AWESOME.

Tuesday, July 28

Hot Air Balloons In Putrajaya

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It's quite rare to see hot air balloons in Malaysia. There was this hot air ballooning event in Putrajaya a few months back. I wasn't able to take any good photographs because I didn't have a good camera.

And I was on a bus.

Monday, July 27

Happy Birthday Candydon!

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The Warden sends a minion to deliver a suspiciously tasty cake to Candydon for her birthday!

And also emerson. He's hot.
But Randall's hotter.

Sunday, July 26

Street Dentistry

Word on the streets says there's a new dentist in town.

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Welcome to the streets of Miri. Where a bunch of people are gathered around what appears to be something of much interest. Clearly something extraordinary has appeared in front of them.

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What's this? A man pulling teeth out of women's skulls?

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Teeth of a thousand women.

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No, really, a thousand.

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Signs and brochures justifying the yanking of said thousand teeth.

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Garsium. Good for things.

Saturday, July 25

Big ass fan

You may live in Miri but how many of you actually know that there's a big ass fan in E-mart? It's HUGE!

It's also very functional. From where the fat man was standing in that video, you could feel a good breeze.

You'll never guess the name of the company who spawned this monstrosity.

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COMPANY LOGO: Only visible if you squint your eyes and turn your head 45 degrees in a clockwise direction.

Big Ass Fans. It is a company in Colorado Lexington, Kentucky which specializes in creating huge ass fans. They are supposed to be very energy efficient due to their low power consumption and massive diameter.

I respect the person who made the decision to install this fan.

Friday, July 24

The Cat Shops

So I was at 1 Utama when a cat decided to walk around thinking it owns the place.

Then it went into that restaurant. It's going to makan.

Thursday, July 23

Ceiling Cheese

It is not often you get to see cheese seeping out cracks in the ceiling. In fact it is quite amusing. If not appetizing.

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Mercilessly splattered on concrete.

If anyone has any details to this sealing compound, let me know.

Wednesday, July 22

Sipah Straws

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My friend gave me a couple of sipah straws. They allegedly have less than 1 teaspoon of sugar in them. They're essentially straws which have sugary material inside them.

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When you sip through it, the milk gets sweetened as it flows through the sugar. It's pretty neat. And tasty. But expensive. ಠ_ಠ

Tuesday, July 21

A Bridge made out of Staples

Sometimes things get boring in class. You'll have to remember the functions for additional maths, the buildup of chemical components. That's BORING. I can't believe I was in science stream.

What do you do to keep a sound mind? You build bridges! Out of staples!

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When building bridges out of staples, it is worth it to note that a certain amount of dexterity is required to be able to connect the bridge to the table's foundation.

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Grade A dexterity right there.

Got a staple bridge design? Submit it to me! With the subject 'Staple Bridge Design and I like licking slugs'.

Monday, July 20

I Got Lost

I was walking to the Raja Chulan monorail to get to Bukit Nanas monorail station so that I could take the Putra LRT from Dang Wangi. Then I realised I could just walk to KLCC and take the Putra LRT straight from there.

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So I decided not to take the monorail and tried to find my way to KLCC. Instead I got lost and came across this nice Tiki bar place. Probably a popular spot. I wouldn't know.

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Honolulu Club huh. Nice. And it's Christmas. Apparently.

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And there also snowmen. I wonder if there are more tikimen under those on normal days.

Sunday, July 19

Saturday, July 18

What is THAT

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Hey. What's that dot at that corner? That corner is supposed to be white. Corners in my house don't usually look darkish.

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Wait a minute. That's no dot.

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Awww. It's a sweet little toad. Hi toady woadkins.

Friday, July 17


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Hahaha. Stool! I get it!

Thursday, July 16

The Joy of Sucking on what?!

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If the $ sign wasn't there I would have thought this was Malaysian.


Wednesday, July 15

The Epitome of All Things Badass

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Wow Mister Jawhar is possibly the most badass person ever. The combined power of his thick eyebrows, his menacing stare, his firm lips and prominent jawline could potentially end world hunger!

After searching for the terms "jawhar" and "poverty improvement", I have discovered the name of the man who inspires many.


I have however failed to find a photograph of him looking as suave and intimidating as he does so very well here. Keep up the badassery.

Tuesday, July 14

A little lost balloon

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Hi little lost balloon.
Such tragedy befalls you.
Being ever so stuck on a ceiling.
With seemingly nowhere to go.

No one to come rescue you.
Doomed to stay up high.
'Til the last of your helium reserves.
Freedom only comes at your life's end.


Monday, July 13

Internet What?

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What they probably meant:

1) Internet Scarf - A scarf that yells obscenities in CAPS at random strangers

2) Internet Care - A service which tends to your sick internets

3) Internet Calf - Wifi on a small cow

Sunday, July 12

Images Down

Hi visitors. There appears to be a party being held in ImageShack headquarters. For some of my images seem to be unviewable.

In fact, I'm not even able to access My Images from the main website. I'm sure it will all be back to normal soon.

Please stay calm. This is normal. Resheathe your assassin wrist blades.

Fail Tree Fell

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It jatuh. Hao?

Saturday, July 11

Animals which aren't

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Aaaa! Seal! One which devoured this little girl.

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Ga-ko duck. Good companion of Kerotan frog. Of Metal Gear Solid fame.

Friday, July 10

Oh hai I'm Swimmin'

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Just a stray helicopter swimming. Wait wat?

And what the hell is that at the bottom left?!

Thursday, July 9

Oh hai I'm a beetle

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Oh hai. It's a beetle.

If you look at the image with your peripheral vision, you'll see something... different.

Wednesday, July 8

Cactus tripod

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In some parts of the world, cacti are still used as tripods.

This particular camera is being aimed at an inflatable pool.

You saw it here first folks, if a new patented cactus-based-tripod design appears in the market be sure to let me know so I can sue the crap out of them.

Tuesday, July 7


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Puku doll! Puku the penguin. He's in a bag. A coach bag. Aw yeah his bald purple head is sooo hawt. Don't you just want to lick the sexiness off his head? Awwww yeah~ That made me hard.

Monday, July 6

Salad Dressing Embarasses Man

I was eating salad in Penang one day when the delicious sauce fell on to this picture.

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Needless to say, a plethora of immature jokes regarding the sneezing of this man slid out from the metaphorical coin purse of lame jokes.

Sunday, July 5


I was told about Transmorphers but I wasn't expecting...

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DISTORTION ANDROID (new style). The package suggests that they are extremely decisive.

Saturday, July 4

I found a Calorie Mate.

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Big Boss eats Calorie Mate.

Mister Kojima likes to put products in his games. Probably as product placement or because he likes it. Yum.

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I wasn't aware that Calorie Mate was a real life product until I saw this sitting on a shelf. Forgot my wallet though.

Friday, July 3

Cats do not like hats

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Would you kindly take this hat off of me kind sir?

Thursday, July 2

What is a cat used for?

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Cats are sometimes used as makeshift airstrips.