Sunday, September 11

Lifejuice and the Tale of the Poor Quality Control

Hi there gang, how's tricks? Today I had an interesting experience with my Fang. It all began with Lifejuice who had a promotion on groupon promoting some kind of goodie bag with numerous bottles of fresh juices.

Upon receipt, Fang opened it with glee to see a neatly packaged goodie bag with six bottles of fruit juices and a jar of salad arranged neatly in a free cooler bag.



Or so we thought.








After a few minutes of praises and general satisfaction of the package in the car, Fang began to notice leaking coming from within the bag. It began to slowly leak all her person and on to the car seat. Eventually the whole car started smelling pineapple-like.

Being in a car, this meant clear inspection of what went wrong is impossible. Luckily my workplace was nearby and we decided to drop by and see what is wrong and clean up this mess.

We got out the car and removed everything, it became clear that something was leaking. We temporarily put some tissues to absorb whatever it was that was leaking.

Side note; the juice actually also leaked through the bottom of the cooler bag. Can you imagine? A cooler bag? Leaking?

Eventually we found the culprit. It was bottle number 5 (bottom cap in the pic) that was leaking. Because of a poorly constructed bottle cap lid thing.

Comparing the level of juice with the other bottles, it looks like quite a substantial amount leaked out of pesky bottle number 5 (Green Tox).

We then tried bottle number 5 together since it's already "open". Thinking we've tightened the bottle cap properly this time, we shook well as the label instructed only to have it leak some more

Well at least the juice doesn't taste terrible. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.

Emergency flood control efforts.

Overall good effort in the juice and packaging but please have the quality control team check your products before you ship them out for 'promotions'.

Thursday, October 2

Wow! Look at all those dead links!

Certainly serves me right for depending on Facebook for an image host!

So hi! I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with this blog. And damn that layout! What was I thinking two years ago?!

I've got a strange suspicion that me, being hopelessly colorblind, unknowingly picked a super hot pink blog template.

Oh well, in any case, it's too late now, I've already made the logo.

While we're at it, here we were yesterday:


 Since you're here, why not check out the brand new FAQ!

Friday, January 13

Arnott's Fungi Filled Surprise Followup - Customer Service Done Right

As some of you may remember, I had an "incident" with a product by Arnott's.

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Then I did what any ordinary angsty and spiteful consumer would do, I took photos, ranted about it on a blog, made a fuss, threw a tantrum and moaned about how unlucky I am to be involved in such an unfortunate incident.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, an unnamed representative from Arnott's left a comment

Image Hosted by

We then corresponded by e-mail in a light atmosphere and much understandings were had.

Location of purchase was questioned and compensations discussed.

Anyway, this arrived pretty quickly and in an URGENT manner.

Image Hosted by

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I was given an RM20 voucher for my trouble and emotional breakdown.

Image Hosted by

The voucher was later used to buy fruits.

At least I'm honest.

Yuno Shirt

A hero was offering to print Yuno shirts on Lowyat forum.

I took this great opportunity to be cool.

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Now I'm cool.