Wednesday, September 30

Dog Really Loves That Bone

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Oh yeah you're one nasty wood-eating stick-licking rod-chewing twig-biting dog aren't you. You're a bad bad girl oh yeaah~

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Look at that splintered piece of wood hooo yeah you like that don't ya. MMMM

Don't worry the stick's gone now. It currently chews on a RM10 bone.

Tuesday, September 29

Bird with treasure

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Hai a burt. That's a burt. A birdy bird bird. But that's probably pretty obvious.

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This is its poop. So creamy. So smooth. So silky. Okay stop. I'm starting to sound like a shampoo commercial.

Monday, September 28

Green Cucumbers Sold in Mart

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GREEN: The cucumbers are frickin' green.

Mmm. Makes you want to put all those elongated cylindrical long things into wonderful places. Like in your tummy. Yum yum.

Sunday, September 27

I would like to understand how this works

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See how one of the tyres went out of the way by stretching its suspension so that the whole of the car remains level?

I'd like to know how that works. How does the car know that that tyre needs to be the one which stretches the suspension? Is there some sort of gyroscopic device in the system?

Enlighten me!

Saturday, September 26

Chickens Are Awesome

I think there's no one in the world who think chickens are NOT awesome.

Except chickens.

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Don't worry, it's probably too DUMB to realise just what it is looking at.

Hen: :c

Speaking of which, when I was littler, I had an unnecessary WTF moment. I was eating fishballs while looking at some fish in a pond.

I tossed a ball in and a giant fish GLOMPED that damn ball. And my first reaction was: CAAANNNIIIBBAAAALLLL! D:

Haha, what an idiot.

Friday, September 25

So cute

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What's so cute about this you ask?

Pondok Polis.

That literally means Police Hut.

Police Hut.

Thursday, September 24

Paddle Pop Rainbow in a bucket

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Now in bucket form! Apparently Paddle Pop rainbow consists of caramel and something else I forgot I'll get back to you on that.

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This is an example of NOT ice cream. That's shampoo on the floor after getting toe-smacked by some lady with exposed slippers who proceeded to sulk in public. No kidding. A grown lady.

Wednesday, September 23

Cake of Poo

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An arousing cake of poo. The only other place I found 'arousing' and 'poo' in the same sentence is in '2 girls 1 cup' (don't google that).

Tuesday, September 22

So Tasty the DEVIL eats it

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This is how it works:
1) eat devil's food
2) die of diabetes
3) go to hell for the sin of gluttony
4) shake hands with the devil

Sunday, September 20

Ears are pretty damn weird if you stop and look at them

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One day, when looking around at your friends or co-workers, don't focus on their faces, focus on their ears. You'll realise how weird ears actually are.

You'll also begin to notice that when talking to people, or looking at people in general, your attention focuses on the area of the face which doesn't reach the ears.

Thus, when you actually DO focus on the ear, it will seem like a foreign object, something that shouldn't even be there.



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Saturday, September 19

When You See It

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Oh wow a big white bull. Impressive.

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Wait a minute.

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Friday, September 18

This dog shouldn't be sleeping

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Normally it prances around like a mad dog. I've got proof.

I just realized how small she looks in that video.

Thursday, September 17

Pineapple Floor

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This was in Genting. I parked in the pineapple floor. What other strange floor labels have you seen?

I saw a kambing floor once.

Wednesday, September 16

Windows Live Messenger Forces You To Upgrade

Why am I forced to upgrade, Microsoft, why?

Is there something in the new MSN that serves some shady purpose that the old MSN is not able to?

Please do not force me to upgrade, Microsoft, for there is a handwriting limit in the new MSN. :c

Oooh! Microsoft Office Outlook Connector! Thanks! I TOTALLY asked for that program to be installed.

Handwriting limit? Oh please do elaborate, Strange Young Man.

Well, normally you'd be able to draw complex drawings in Messenger handwriting. There will be no limit as to how many STROKES you make in the handwriting tab.

But in NEW Messenger, there's a stroke limit. Once you pass this limit, you get a heart-warming message which states:

'Your ink message could not be delivered to all recipients'

Wow! Thanks Microsoft! I feel VERY entertained when I'm able to send a drawing of a highly detailed stickman to my friend. Very. Entertained. -tear falls from corner of eye-

UPDATE: A young lad by the name of Grisser has revealed to the clergy that there's an alternate old version MSN messenger which does not have the stroke limit which can be downloaded here.

So far, tests have shown that the stroke limit has indeed been lifted but I also seem to get 'The message was not delivered.' to some people. It's worth it.

UPDATE 2: Grisser's solution has become obsolete in a matter of weeks. I get the same message again just recently. But a new solution has spawned! And who better to tell you the solution to this than... BRAIN POD 13!

Brain Pod 13: Right click your shortcut to open Messenger, and click Properties, you will see a few tabs. One of them says 'Compatibility Mode'. Check the box which says 'Run this program in compatibility mode for' select 'Windows 2000' from the dropdown list. This was done on Vista. For XP users, you may want to try other compatibility OS's. Good day.

The Pizza Tripod

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When you get a pizza delivered to you there's this tripod that you get in the box. It's given to you free of charge so that you can place your eggs.

Flip it upside down then use it as an egg holder.

Naw, it's for preventing the cheese from sticking to the box.

Can't believe you fell for that.

RapidKL Can't Make Up Their Minds

Did you know that RapidKL just installed new Touch n' Go turnstills at several locations including Terminal Putra and Masjid Jamek?

You would think they're thinking of integrating all their systems to somehow use Touch n' Go.

But no, only a few weeks later, September 1st, all Touch n' Go units on buses were removed.

Brilliant! -golf clap-

UPDATE: My painstaking and meticulously researched material concerning this surprising turn of events is because RapidKL's Touch n Go contract (for the buses at least) have ended, reports bus driver of bus T203 this morning. Understandable.

But why have a few months gap in between renewing the touch n go contract?

Would have preferred if RapidKL managed to minimize the renewal period.

Said bus driver also said that TnG will be reimplemented next year. Though the unit seems to be already fitted on bus T203 this morning.

Also, most of the familiar 'U' buses don't stop in Titiwangsa any longer. Some have their final stop in Chow Kit station. Was at Titiwangsa station for an hour and a half before I realized what was going on.

Tuesday, September 15

Doing It Wrong

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Isn't the purpose of those bin covers mainly to keep the stench in?


Monday, September 14

Sticky Dog

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Sticks to you like butter.

Sunday, September 13

Miri Sky

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A golden sunset appeared once. It was beautiful. Camera phone pic.

I did not use the wrong white balance.

Saturday, September 12


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Get it? Millipede? I should do stand up.

Friday, September 11

A Miri Adventure

Have you ever wondered what's inside that hole in the wall? It's probably a deep underground cavern which is home to about a billion mole-people am I right?

Have no fear for I have taken the liberty to explore to said area so YOU don't have to. It's a dangerous journey. As evident by the following video.

I recommend watching the video first before proceeding with the images.

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The final destination, the gaping hole in the cliff!

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What's that?

Image Hosted by

Just some sort of kelapa sawit looking thing that also looks like a palm oil coconut fruit vegetable.

Image Hosted by

Just chillin' in a romantic in a hut by the sea.

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Weird coral thing.

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Another weird coral thing.

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Probably the same coral thing. Only dry.

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The nice old man that we saw.

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Baby cave.

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Half a pair of slippers.

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Way over theeere.

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The mystical aquatic sea poo.

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Almost there.

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Even closer.

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Utter dissapointment. Lack of impressiveness.

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A lost thing.

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Okay everyone, beautiful sunset's here. Adventure's over. Break it up break it up.O hai Fatman. Are you okay? He'll be fine.