Saturday, December 4

Stone Squeezing

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Stones these days, they don't make them like they used to.

Flower Nipple

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Of course, if you are in fact not as creatively-minded as I am, you would not really see it.

Roadside Emergency

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This actually happened to someone close to me. Apparently a passenger spotted a cockroach in the car and a mass-panic ensued thus forcing an emergency stop at the side of the road.

Animal Cruelty

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Image belongs to AirAsia in-flight magazine. Minor modifications done using Android app Picsay.

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Speaking of bunnies, check out one of Parry Gripp's new songs!

Charming Girl

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Image belongs to AirAsia in-flight magazine. Minor modifications done using Android app Picsay.

Thursday, December 2

Travelling from Pandan Jaya to LCCT Kuala Lumpur

Here's something some people may find interesting.

It's how to get to LCCT from Pandan Jaya lrt station.

So now you're at Pandat Jaya station. Follow the sign that says TO SENTUL TIMUR. Your next stop is to Masjid Jamek station.

Stand by the platform and look into the mighty longkang cum river while imagining how hillarious it would be if a round hairy fat guy were to bob along the river surface pleading for someone to help him.

Stop imagining when the next train arrives and board it.

When you reach Masjid Jamek, you'll have to cross the road to the other side of the station. This should be done with style. (eg: leap out into oncoming traffic, do a roll then land firmly on your feet at the other side)

You could use an underground tunnel too if you wish. But that way is BORING. Also, the station renovations may have sealed the tunnel up. So, tell me whether or not its accesible.

Once you're across the road in the other station, you may start looking for some escalators that lead you underground.

Find the platform that goes to Kelana Jaya. You take this one because you are going to KL Sentral. It is only two stations away so it isn't necessary to pull your iPod touch out.

Once in KL Sentral, all you've got to do is find the large KLIA Transit sign.

Go to the counter (not the machine) and exclaim with authority, "LCCT." (preferably with your left hand on your hip and right hand flat on the counter)

Then place Rm12.50 worth in money on the counter. The person behind the counter will suddenly take your money and give you these:

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Take the elevator to quickly reach the air-conditioned waiting room to wait for the train.

Once the train arrives, quickly snatch a seat before that old guy does.

When choosing a seat, try to get the one that faces that cute short haired girl who is probably going to Cyberjaya.

If not, just find those four seat grouped seats and selfishly put your luggage on the seats opposite to you like a spoilt diva.

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Not only does this ensure you can rest your legs on the opposite side, it also prevents that guy with the strange smell from sitting near you.

To make it easier for you later, sit as near as possible to the front of the train (near the waiting room)

It's important to be alert when the train stops at Cyberjaya station because that's where the short haired girl gets off at. Also, because the next stop is Salak Tinggi, which is where you'll be getting off.

DISCLAIMER: I am aware that 'Getting off' usually means the pleasing of one's self by stimulating strategic pressure points. Please do not be confused with my previous instructions.

When you reach Salak Tinggi, find the escalator. If you listened and sat near the front of the train, you should be very near to the escalator.

Find this sign and go down the stairs:

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There you should be able to see your bus.

Sit near Jason Mraz:

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Then ride for about 20 minutes and YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION. IT IS TO YOUR LEFT.

You may go the more affordable route and use the bus shuttle service right from KL Sentral which costs RM9.00 (or RM6.00 online booking if I remember correctly)

Strangely, the time it takes for the so-called "Fast Train" to LCCT plus the bus ride from the Salak Tinggi station to LCCT is also 1 hour.

So in the end it all comes down to your preferences, pay RM3.50 more (or more depending on whether you bundled it with the online booking) for a more comfortable ride or don't pay and arrive ass-numbed 15 minutes later.

And yes there's a currency exchange station in LCCT. Stop calling me at 4 in the morning to ask.

Wednesday, November 17

Orgasm in Malay

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Sounds pretty selfish if you ask me. OrgasME. Not you. ME. You don't get any orgasms.

Tuesday, November 16

Mouse-kuih! The kuih that looks like a mouse!

A kuih? What's that?!

Google Define to the rescue!

Kuih (also kueh, kue, or kway; from Hokkien: 粿 koé) are bite-sized food items in the Malay Archipelago, much like Spain's tapas. They are usually—but not always—sweet and intricate creations, including cakes, cookies and puddings.

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Bonus tip! : Strange Young Man often uses Google Define because he can't spell

Bonus tip too! :
Go to a Google search bar, type "define: something" and you can get the definition of that thing!
eg: "define: butt skins" and you get: 

Butt skins are skins of the butt.

Lobster Chocolate

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You know, because shellfish seafood goes PERFECTLY with chocolate. Mmm yum! Ferrero tiger prawn.


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If you laugh, you're a 3D designer.

Also, if someone can identify the goofy vehicle in this picture please share.

Trolololol Dog

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Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the term "Trolling".

Well today is your LUCKY DAY because I'm about to give a FREE lesson on TROLLING!

Nah~ I'm not. Just trollin'

Sitting Up

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That's....not what I meant.


Do you often find the need to walk around naked in public touching yourself in strange but nice places and then liberating all those pent-up forces at random objects(people, trees, etc.)?

Well, this act is APPARENTLY frowned upon by society.

Fortunately, there is an other outlet for such needs.

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Printing a giant banner yelling WE ARE COMING is an acceptable (albeit not as satisfying) alternative to the situation stated at the top of the post.


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Don't ask me why but I feel kinda sorry for that lamp post. And yet I laugh. Deehee.

How Do I Racquet?!

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Good job, Mr.Vandal. You are clearly quite the educated one.

Who wants to guess what this is a picture of?

I vote doggie bowl because I'm so totally full of art-sense.

Eye-catching Exhaust

Your car's exhaust pipe not big or loud enough?


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Today's Lesson: KILL your enemies!

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We've all learned an important lesson today. Now run along children, remember your Claymores.

Vicious Dog Interrogation

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When the dog didn't hand over the merchandise, drastic measures had to be taken

Just looking at the Labbit

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I don't know about you but something looks missingy in this photo.

Balldog and Splatcat

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Polite Trash Container

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In the face of danger, (getting kicked in the face) Polite Trash Container refrains from uttering a swear word in its entirety.

Kudos, PTC. Your politeness and absent-vulgarity is greatly looked-up on.

In case you haven't noticed,  my writing shouldn't be used as an example when performing professional creative writing.

Bravey Cat

Just a cat doing regular cat things.

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Like licking itself two stories from the ground.

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I wish I was half as brave as a cat.

Monday, November 15

Herb worm the worm-like-herb!

Guesss who, kids! YES! It's....


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Herbworm in a pile of vegetables

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Herbworm the herb-like-worm.

Wet Stairs Emergency

Usually, laying out your possessions in a grid-like pattern under the sun means that you either have too much time or someone you know hilariously slipped down the stairs on her back for one whole floor during an unfortunate mopping session spilling the mop bucket and wetting everything that was stored under the stairs.

I'll let you guess for yourselves which one of the above is actually true.

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Unexciting Skin Disease

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It's fatal.

If your palm shows similar symptoms please stop doing that thing you do at night when no one watches.

Ants Ants Delicious Ants

We have this awesome coffee machine that is so awesome that even ants think so.

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See? Little tiny ants swimming in my coffee having a warm swim.

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They're still there and they don't taste half bad either.

Yes. I'm lazy. Thank you.

Adult Sex Toy advertisement

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This is a rather popular traffic light junction.

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It's no surprise why they decided to put this advertisement right in the middle of it.

The Tiger of Terror

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The Tiger of Terror was discovered standing around in a parking lot.

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See? Just staring into nothing.

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Part of it's immense terror comes from it's head's oversized-ness.

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See? Big head. Smally body. Not to scale. Improper proportions.

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It's okay lonely tiger of terror. We still like you a little.

Spotted Dick

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Submitted by Yit Bo who spotted this in Brunei.