Monday, March 30

Capertillar [VID]

This video looks much better in its original format. Some crazy processing been done by Youtubes.

Strange capertillar i saw on the 7th floor of an undisclosed location. It's probably some sort of millipede. A 1mm thick millipede. Or centipede. Not a capertillar.

You misspelled caterpillar.

Saturday, March 28

Playing With Sticky Substances [VID]

I cannot help it. The fact is, is that it is quite amusing. In a strangely hypnotizing manner.

It is a mixture of gum and facial oil. The strands it leaves behind as I roll the glob around is the point of interest here. Stop trying to sound intelligent. Okay. ._.

Thursday, March 26

I have Sticky Toes [VID]

Clearly, I have lots of time to waste. Only try this if you have enough experience climbing washroom walls with your barefeet.

Tuesday, March 24

Burger King and Misplaced Cockroach [VID]

Walking over to my seat the other day, I came across this gross little critter.

If it's any consolation, the burger patty served that day was horribly dry.

I should also probably mention that a supervisor-type-fellow went out of his way to make an obvious telling-off of the kid who was standing there about how not hiding potential evidence that may be scooped up by attention-seeking bloggers is not very nice.

Sunday, March 22

Rainbow Seats [PIC]

I like this MAS interior color scheme. I was going back soon after Chinese New Year. It was a Boeing 737 flying from Miri to KL.

(Source ; The Captains Flight Blog)

Friday, March 20

An event in Pavillion [PIC]

A big event seems to be unfurling in front of Pavillion at Bukit Bintang.

Oh it's simply the Majlis Rumah Terbuka Malaysia Tahun Baru Cina 2009 oleh YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. On the 7th of February 2009. Wow am I slow or what.

Well, don't worry, I'm not covering the event. I just happened to waltz through.

Theres the golden ox with golden balls.

That's the bunch of vertical banners that decided to all fall down with a dramatic domino-effect.

Wednesday, March 18

Carrots In a Mall [PIC]

Sitting on a nearby bench, I saw a carrot tip being very carrotty on a glass barrier.

Who would do such a thing?

I came back later and didn't expect to see a carrot-top sitting next to the carrot-tip.

I decided to give them names. Sam and Bob. Can you guess which one is Sam and which one is Bob?

Monday, March 16

Saturday, March 14

Thursday, March 12

An accident waiting to happen [PIC]

Tree branch hanging from whatever that is and porcelain. The perfect concoction for disaster.

Tuesday, March 10

Lessons Learnt

Well, we all learnt an important lesson today folks.

Being black is AWESOME.

Credits: Anon

Sunday, March 8

Coconut-sized Kidney Stone

Next time you have a bad day, be thankful you don't have an object this big stuck in your kidney.

Averagely large kidney stones are the size of golf balls. This particular kidney stone is clearly big. Verily so. It belongs to a Mister Sandor Sarkadi.

Stay safe Mister Sarkadi.

(source: Mail Online)

Friday, March 6

Banana mask

Better than a banana mask is an exploding banana mask. What a strange young world.

Wednesday, March 4

Mystical Indonesian Healer Boy

Summary of events
Mohammad Ponari of East Java village of Balongsari walks around in rain, gets struck by lightning, wakes up with egg-sized stone on head.

Said stone when dipped in water is miraculous. Makes mute boy speaks, sprained-arm-man is okay, and a feverish boy gets better.

A heck lot of people line up to meet this miracle healer. Even some from Malaysia. (Are you one of them? If so, please share your story with us)

After recieving around 1 billion Rupiah (RM310,000) in charity donations, Ponari is himself sick. Village chief beliefs the stone "scolded" Ponari for accepting cash.

These events were belived by many to simply be the result of the 'placebo effect' where the mind is tricked into believing that something is good for you when in reality, it is actually doing nothing.

Personally, if someone close to me is severely sick, I wouldn't mind visiting this kid. Good luck Ponari, get well soon.

(source; The Age)

Hypnotize yourself

This image seems to demonstrate that it is possible to induce a sense of "a drug high" without the insane addictive properties of the drugs.

It is done by simply playing "white noise" like radio static while having half-ping-pong balls taped to your eyes.

The idea is that when your main senses are numbed, vision and hearing, your mind makes up visions of its own. That guy in the image can apparently see a rainbow, a unicorn and a 19th century male.

The other experiment in the image that I would like to try is that long nose thing. Sit behind a friend, use one hand to rub your own nose while the other hand stretches to rub your friend's nose.

You should be able to percieve your nose as being long. I wonder if it works on other body parts. I wonder if that means I can finally experience how having firm supple boobs dangling down my chest feel like.


Monday, March 2

Good to know

I like how they show horribly disgusting images to show smokers what they are doing to their body. In fact, no shisha for me any longer. Thank you.

Now the stressful people have to decide whether they'd want to die of lung cancer or with their brains splattered all over the street after jumping to their deaths.