Tuesday, June 30

Seal Infestation

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Seals have managed to latch on to this little girl en masse. I tried to slap the seals off her but it was too late, she had already been devoured.

She was very brave. Realising her demise was close, she decided that the best course of action was to remain calm and appear to be interested in the stationary which she was looking at prior to the attack of the seals.

May she rest in semi-digested pieces.

Monday, June 29

I don't know what happened

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I recieved a message from Maxis claiming that I have received a free boob. What does that even mean? And what is a boob? I've totally seen many boobies in my life because I'm not a loser.

*discards sms*

Sunday, June 28


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KINKY: Spread lips evenly.


Saturday, June 27

Not just regular jelly

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It would appear that the proper term for pork jellies is Pork Terrine. Meat paste.

Friday, June 26

Embarassment Shields Enabled

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Oh yeah? Why not YOU come up with a better plan?

Thursday, June 25

Shock-Tactic Employed by Yogurt

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In a bid to convince consumers that their yogurt contains no artificial coloring, the company in charge of producing Nestle Bliss yogurt has employed shock-tactics by threatening consumers with a hideous deranged transvestite.

Wednesday, June 24

Tuesday, June 23

I've seen bigger

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Big? I've seen bigger. If you know what I mean.

Monday, June 22

Yet another great design

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The product is called the X Cushion. Found in a Parkson. Maybe there was a mix-up at the product cataloging department.

Sunday, June 21

Do Not Hug

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Love is prohibited in the premises. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Saturday, June 20

The Pancreas of Malaysia

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If Malaysia was a person, racism would be its pancreas. You don't see it, but you know it's there.

The majority of Malaysians communicate with each other seemingly at peace at each other. But when they are back within the warm embrace of their own homes, secret thoughts about the people they've met get revealed.

In Malaysia, when two people of differing races form an attraction between themselves, it can sometimes mean that these people have different beliefs.

Sometimes, family members of either side of the couple do not approve of their relationship due to the difference in religion. When that happens, the couple has to decide whether to destroy their relationship or destroy ties with their family.

In order to prevent such devastation, some parents have advised their children not to get too close with other races.

Of course, there are also others who give the same advice for immature reasons such as racial stereotyping and personal issues. This however, is not going to be discussed. I'm just here to provide a monotonous monologue about the complications of interfaith relationships.

I personally find it unfair that there are cases where two people who have the same interests, same personality and who are able to potentially live an awesomely peaceful life are forced to separate due to religious differences.

Overzealous people should try to see the teachings of religion as a guide that promotes better living, rather than as if it is a strict law punishable by death.

Friday, June 19

That's right guys, iiiiiiiits Upin!

I'm sure you all know Upin and Ipin from Upin and Ipin and Upin and Ipin from Geng.

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Well, now you can own an original unlicensed (probably) Upin pillow for only RM11.90! Hyah!

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Once again, friends,


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Wednesday, June 17

Paper Cow

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Realising that being tasty beef is compromising their numbers, bovine have discovered to survive by evolving into a paper-like tasteless form.

Monday, June 15


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The victor in Monopolio gets polio in one leg.

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Typical Monopolio winrar.

Saturday, June 13

Severe Pig Collection Syndrome

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Pig pig pig pig pig yellow-elephant-schoolbus.


Thursday, June 11

Self-sacrificing Chicken

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What a cute suicidal chicken or turkey or duck.

These kinds of illustrations should not be strange to you. They've been a lot of drawings or mascots which depict some sort of animal mutilating themselves for the purpose of human consumption.

Some people I know find that weird and disturbing. I do. And so does Emerson.

Another curious case would be the Malaysian KFC mascots Superchook (cringe) and Chicky (cringycringycringe) who seem to be chicken-based characters who promote the consumption of their own kin.

Baffling. Baffle baffle baffle.

Tuesday, June 9

Ass Holder

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Don't be shy now. It's easy to use. Ladies watch out, your buttcheeks have never been this easy to hold.

Aaaaand, it comes in DIFFERENT COLORS! Differentiate yourself from your many ass holder friends and be unique!

Sunday, June 7


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If you live in a dilapidated dump like I do, you will find these nostalgic fish designs on your soup bowls. Ah~ memories. Green lawn, butterflies fluttering in the garden, drinking soup, sneezing and accidentally crapping my pants, yes ~

Friday, June 5

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Some fool decided to defile this handsome young chef's beautiful smooth face.

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I found the hideous drawing behind the menu. Blarg. Wong Kok Char Chan Teng just lost a customer. THANKS ANONYMOUS ARTIST OF ANNOYNIMINITY. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN.

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Just in case you haven't spilled chunks of your last meal on your keyboard, here's the picture close up.

Wednesday, June 3

Kerusi Bayi

Kerusi Bayi. Translated, it means 'infant chair'.

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I don't even want to think about what use do babies have with those shiny metal rods poking out from their "chairs".

Monday, June 1

Hi all. Its Tesco week at Strange Young Man blog. Did you realise that? Of course not. Thats because you're already in Tesco week! Wat

Business problem solution analyst problem: What name should we give our product that will attract the attention of customers and at the same time signify its greatness?

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Problem. Solved.