Wednesday, April 29

Sticky Slimy Thing [PIC]

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Gastropods are animals too. That's why Mr.Snail is also featured on Animal Week.

This is a big snail I saw at Miri airport. One thing to note about snails is that whenever I see one crawling over an area that has a high risk of getting crushed, by cars or mean people or whatever, I pick it up and toss it into the lovely green meadow that is usually just about a meter away.

Hopefully it doesn't land on a rock or something.

Monday, April 27

Bunny Buttons [VID and PICS]

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Today's Animal Week animal would be Buttonbunny. She was purchased at Ikano's pet shop at the top floor. Together with this bunny in other enclosures were these other bunnies.

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How adorable. Round bunny wunnies. Bunny slippers. Shampoo puppets.

This is the video of the superzoomed up super closeup shots of buttonbunny's body parts and me strategically changing the topic when awkward words are spoken.

This is buttonbunny pawing her own nose as if noses are the funnest things to put paws on.

Saturday, April 25

Birds Doing Things Birds Do [PIC, an Intervalometer and VIDs]

The video above shows a bald bird. The video has been compressed so severely that it is barely visible. Ignore the ending part of the clip. It is unrelated to burds. Unless you think outside the box. Which means thinking inside the pants. Then you'll have your bird-related video. But in this case, that may be going a bit too far.

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See. Bald.

Here's a bird in a puddle. I only wish the quality was higher. It was in my front yard. I was taking an intervalometer shot thing. Here, let me show you:

No, I will not slow it down for you.

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That pigeon loves that shop.

Pigeons support Animal Week at the Strange Young Man blog.

Thursday, April 23

Jojodog POV [VID]

Normally the keywords 'dog' and 'POV' brings about nasty results but today in conjunction with Animal Week, you will get to see crazy Jojodog who won't sit still run around like a totally bat****, insane, crazy, thing.

Jojodog is a dog who belongs to my cousins. The dog's full name is Josephine Armadeus Dog. Not really. She is constantly pumped up with caffiene. In fact, one of my main concerns is that at the rate she is living her life, she may have a hummingbird-like lifespan.

Tuesday, April 21

Fluffy Cat Playing with Paper Ball [VID]

Hi and welcome to the Strange Young Man blog! Where the weeks are Animal Week unless I say they aren't!

Thats flafiket. Playing with a ball of paper. Nom. I have a ball of paper in my mouth weehee.

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The angriest cat alive.

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That's Fluffy. The cat of which used to belong to Candyliciousdon. The cat is mean. It does not appreciate human touch and hugging it only causes angrifying feelings. >:C

Sunday, April 19

Snake sheds skin [PICS]

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My snake shed its skin a grand total of one time under my care.

This post was brought to you by the 'Animlats-folder-cleansing Week' foundation.

Friday, April 17

Snake eats cicak [PICS and VID]

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be uploading anything interesting that I find in my 'Animlats' folder. That's strange-speak for 'animals'.

In case you are from Oregon, USA, 'cicak' in the title means 'lizard'. But generally only means house geckos. It is not pronounced 'kai kack' as you might expect but 'chee-chuck' like cheese-of-chuck.

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This creature here is my pet oriental whipsnake which I have since released into the house of some person who calls himself Rain.

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One of the many victims this snake has eaten.

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The cicak is smiling. At you.

Wednesday, April 15

Beef Patty and Fried Shallots Ibumi

Yum yum. The beef patty I used is Ayam A1. Those fried shallots are brought from Miri.

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Wait a minute. Is that a strand of hair?


Monday, April 13

Skull on a stick [PIC]

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Looks like I just ate poison. You rascally Walls pranksters. *hearty chuckle*

Saturday, April 11

Pig Pau [PICS]

Lured by the promotional image of the Pig pau of Canton-i Pavillion, we decided to take a romp into the place. Flashy, but expensive. And not very worth it for the portions you get.

This here is the pig pau. The finger is there to show the size of the pau in relation to things.

Oh where did your EARS go little piggy?

Oh where did your NOSE go little piggy?


Thursday, April 9

350Z drifting in Bukit Jalil [VID]

Walking back from now-defunct animation studio Rocketfish Studios for internship one day, we happen to come across some sort of drifting event very close to Bukit Jalil's stadium.

Exciting stuff.

Tuesday, April 7

Rasterbated Big Boss Wallpaper [Progress PICS]

Have you heard of the Rasterbator? It makes whatever image you have and turns it into a rasterized image of any size you choose.

Some people have very ambitious rasterbations such as these people:

(image from a kugel)

I am only mildly ambitious as you can see from the following:

Team Fortress 2 Rasterbation and some ecchi graphic from Deviantart. Can't remember who exactly, please let me know if you see this.

This is the intended replacement rasterbation.

Goodbye old ecchi rasterbation.

This is the hard part, cutting off the borders from the paper so that the images will combine seamlessly. Using the 'print to borders' option was a failure. See Team Fortress 2 poster above.

So it is ripped off. Empty wall.

Markings left behind. Cross cross cross.

After about an hour of pasting, it's finally completed.

Here's how it looks like in blacklight. The top left corner and bottom right corner are darker because it is a different quality of paper.

Sunday, April 5

Aboard the Aerobus - Back to Miri [PICS] [VID]

I was on my way to Miri one time and I had to take an Aerobus to LCCT. I got a front row seat and I had a good view of whatever that's in front of me.

This is the bus cockpit(teehee). Nice bus drivers sit over there and drive buses. Image stitched with freeware Autostitch.

I was always intrigued by long shots of traffic. See if you feel the same.

That's MMU. It's ironic how I had to take a 45-minute bus ride all the way to KL sentral from MMU only to have the 1-hour bus take me back to Cyberjaya then proceed on to LCCT.

A toll.

Creative compartment in which the bus driver places his PLUS ticket into.

More highway shots.

The secret path behind the runway.

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y X X X X X X X X X.

The above is a video is a collection of clips taken during what I like to call the "first mark" of my trip to Miri.

The first clip shows me in the E1 bus to KL Sentral spotting a taxi driver dig his nose.

The second clip shows me catching a landing plane right as we pass the runway threshold.

The subsequent clips are of the blue-engined A320 of Air Asia on which I hopped on back to Miri on 11-01-09

Friday, April 3

Dissapointing Plastic Explosion [VID]

Actually it was quite satisfying. Its just that the camera used to record the video had a horrible microphone. That exact camera is called the Nikkon Coolpix P80. Its microphone is no match for the awesome Canon Powershot S3 IS's.

Wednesday, April 1

The Third Arm [PIC]

It's April Fools day! Did you forget to remember to trick your loved ones?