Sunday, January 10

The Gecko House

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I caught a gecko in the office!

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I made it a home! From an unused box given to me by a colleague.

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It lives in terror inside the box!

I flung said gecko into a patch of grass at Titiwangsa bus terminal.

It'll be fine.

Saturday, January 9

An eye-catching ad

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Sure perhaps from this distance it looks okay.

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But as it gets smaller, mine eyes detects the poster as:
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A gruff hobo with awesome facial hair and dreamy eyes.

Maybe that was their plan ALL ALONG!

I mean. I would take a second look at a gruff hobo with awesome facial hair and dreamy eyes. The advertising agency has struck again! Damn them.

e ^ e

Friday, January 8

a WHAT ringtone?

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Apparently these really are a hit in Japan. And it's developed by some Japanese guy.

An unverified Engadget commenter describes the ringtone as follows:
Who would have thought shredding guitar listened through a glass of mudd would have made my wifes breasts so full and voluptious...

The link to which you can download said ringtone has been removed though. But at least you get a rough description of what it sounds like.

I imagine the ringtone to sound so emotionally powerful that our female brethren (lol) grab their boobs in passion and pull upwards thus resulting in larger boobs.

Or maybe saggier flappy boobs. Maybe the 'enlargement' that they speak of is merely relative. D:

Thursday, January 7

Tips while ordering in fast food outlets

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A tip for you guys with stomachs which are hard to satisfy, the next time you go to KFC or McDonalds or Wendys for some chicken, go ahead and ask for "ayam nak besar sikit".

As can be seen by the image above, the difference is substantial.

Wednesday, January 6

The Kerotans Are Warping In

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A kerotan frog was seen warping through a piece of paper into our universe.

Fortunately that's as much as it could warp in.

Unless the Kerotan kingdom plans to bore us to death with their semi-warped-in faces, I have no idea how they can be any sort of threat. Nothing to worry about. Carry on with your normal lives. That means you may continue putting that finger in that place you constantly poke it into.

You disgusting freak.

Tuesday, January 5

Carl's Jr.'s Portions Are Getting Even Smaller

This isn't the first time I've written about Carl's Jr. But I think this won't be the last either.

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Well my most recent encounter with them brings good news, the bacon are actually fried now!


Compare the sizes of the most recent bacon and the bacon of yore:

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Either they had their portions shrunken or the bacon itself shrinks when fried.

The first case happened in Midvalley and the second case happened in Pavillion. Now you know who's doing this plz fixit thx.

Sunday, January 3

That Lamp Is Quite Farty

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When shopping for lamps for your house it is always better to look at less farty alternatives.

Saturday, January 2

Color Blind Discrimination

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I saw this ad somewhere and I am greatly offended good sirs.

It requires me to test my level of intelligence by determining a number in an Ishihara color test.

Am I to assume that if my eyes are unable to detect the number in that mess of spots, I am automatically someone of less intelligence?

So does that mean if I get a Ph.D my color blindness will go away and I can finally fulfill my dream of being a pilot?


-sobs in a corner-

Incidentally, there are special lenses for helping the color blind. I should consider investing in some of those. Hard to come by in Malaysialand though.

p/s: Is it 21?

Friday, January 1

The Good Ol' Days

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The Straits Times did an exhibit on past historical articles. I'd say it was a commendable contribution on their part.

Reminds us what really matters in this country, namely, UNITY.

Sadly, there's a severe lack of such a mythical substance.

But fret not, I've discovered how to acquire some of this so-called unity.

Stop Being So Goddamned Selfish

Unfortunately, this only works if everyone manages to follow this instruction at the exact same time.

Selfish bastards.

p/s Happy New Year!