Friday, October 31

Familiar Miri buildings explode

Haha got you guys there for a moment there didn't I? To those from you will realise those buildings look like SMK Chung Hua Miri's school blocks.

To avoid controversy, I shall quote the creator's description:

Three Chinese Nuclear Canons (from CNC Generals) destroy MY SCHOOL!

The main reason I made this animation was not to create controversy. I was taking the easy way out. I had previously constructed these structures for SMK Chung Hua Miri's concert night opening intro.

Instead of remodelling entire structures just for this short animation, I just changed the color of the roof to red and modified their arrangements so that they don't look like my school.

But sharp-eyed individuals may see notice the geometry of the buildings somewhat match SMK Chung Hua's buildings.

Then again, most of the school building designs in Miri look similiar. So, interpret it however you like.

Just know that I have no grudge against my school and I enjoyed my time being there. So actually blowing up my school is never going to be on my to-do list.

Haha, silly creator.

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, October 30

Indomie vs Ibumie

Ever tried looking for Indomie only to find that Ibumie is the only product on the shelves?

Perhaps you feel that Ibumie is a pirated product that is leeching off the success of Indomie. Not only are the packaging similiar in appearance, the taste is exactly the same.

COPYCAT! PIRATIST! You may yell. This Kuchingite definitely did.

Original Indomie packaging. Borrowed from a site which discusses about being fat. (seriously)

And Ibumie packaging. Borrowed from the miffed Kuchingite's weblog.

There's a pretty good explanation to this piracy.

They are by the same company.

(Corbis image added to increase dramatic tension)

Both noodles are distributed by Biz-Allianz and Ibumie apparently decided to buy the Indomie name.

So. Unnecessary research aside, eat well knowing that Ibumie isn't a cheap knock-off of Indomie, but, its spiritual successor.

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, October 29

Please Come Again

I heard this being uttered one day in a mall. The guy sounded so desperate it was funny.

You can't help but imagine around you a crumbling and delapidated mall with cobwebs and aging texture effects applied.

Fortunately this wasn't the case as I was in Pavillion, Bukit Bintang.

Please come again.

Hearing myself read it aloud just now suddenly made me feel that it souded rude. RUDE! I'LL GO TO ANY MALL I VERY DAMN WELL PLEASE. I DON'T HAVE TO COME BACK HERE TO YOUR WHINING.

And here's a random picture from ICanHazCheezburger:

- Strange Young Man

Tuesday, October 28

Petronas Deepavali Ad 2008

Petronas makes good ads.


Happy Diwali all~

- Strange Young Man

thanks afiqazmi for the link!

Monday, October 27

The Dark Pug

One of the many images that pop up on Digg.

With an angst-ridden face so angsty, The Dark Pug is able to out-angst Max Payne any day.

- Strange Young Man

Saturday, October 25

Wild Hamsters!

I've always had a hard time picturing hamsters in the wild. I get this mental image of a horde of them devouring a cow or something. - Czarina

Haven't those thoughts been through ALL our thoughts? Thank you for the inspiration, Czarina.

- Strange Young Man

Oddly flavored condoms

On the mental_floss blog, they did an article concerning the encouragement of safer sex.

One point which caught my eye was this:

Durian fruit?

Apparently they're straight-eyebrowed about this matter, as proven by the following picture:


- Strange Young Man

Friday, October 24

Instant Heart Attack

Image Hosted by


One thousand one hundred and seventy percent.

All of a sudden the product name becomes less intriguing.

- Strange Young Man


Thursday, October 23

Paris Hilton Immune To Zombies?!

Image Hosted by

But hey. Nobody's perfect. Cut her some slack. Not everyone can has smarts or have the superpower to spend responsibly you know.

Thanks to nozzman for the laugh. Heh.

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, October 22

Giraffe On Your Leg! I want one!

Image Hosted by
(source [no article])

Ever wanted to draw on your loved ones leg? I know I have. And had. Giraffes are silly. I like them. I like giraffes. One giraffe connect-the-dot tattoo please.

- Strange Young Man

Tuesday, October 21

Dissapointing Product

Image Hosted by

Poor kids. There they were expecting an experience to challenge a full-blown waterpark but all they got was that piece of crap. The slide becomes a back rest and the "basket ball" becomes a joke.

Thank goodness The Wet Set products are reliable enough.

- Strange Young Man

Monday, October 20

Clone Trooper Chronicles

I've created a sub-blog chronicling my making my clone trooper action figures do stuff they don't really want to.

- Strange Young Man

Sunday, October 19

Would you like some tasty Wikipedia?

Image Hosted by

Mmm~ steamed eggs with wikipedia. I'd like to have my eggs steamed.

- Strange Young Man

Saturday, October 18



Image Hosted by

Pointed out by the immature BFCG, the genitable will get you thinking twice before sucking on that stalk like there's no 'morrow.

- Strange Young Man

Friday, October 17


The world is stranger than I thought. They're selling these shameless finger-applicators in stationary stores in kids section.

Image Hosted by

Nothing wrong you may say. They look colorful enough. And the little smiley-face destroys all doubt of any mischief.

Image Hosted by

According to the box, this hand gesture means, "Hey!"

Then I guess it's no problem seeing a little girl do this then.


- Strange Young Man

Thursday, October 16

Pearl Milk Buttock

Image Hosted by
SPECULARITY: Pearl milk buntut.

If you haven't figured how immature me and my Little Girl is yet, then I think by now you'd have gotten a pretty clear idea.

Wednesday, October 15


What? Genitaloon?

Image Hosted by

Ooooh. Genitaloon. -head nod gesture-

- Strange Young Man

Tuesday, October 14

Diseased Arm of Doooooom

Its weird. Whenever it rains and I'm sitting in a car, I develop a hideous rash.

Image Hosted by

Before I know it the growths start to crystalize and become crunchy and as I try to scratch them off, they just break apart in a small crusty crumbs. Ick.

When I get out of the car the apparent healing properties of the air around me makes the rash stop.

- Strange Young Man

Monday, October 13

Badass Scorpion Fail

Image Hosted by
(Fig. A): A wicked-supercool scorpion which you are led to believe that you will be building

If you bought this product and are looking to build a wicked-super-badass scorpion for your child or your inner-child such as this one, (refer to Fig. A) prepare to be humiliated when you have finally finished assembling it.

Image Hosted by
(Fig. B): What you'll ACTUALLY be building. A stupid looking fat cute scorpion.


- Strange Young Man

Sunday, October 12

The Curve Shop Finder review

There is a device placed around The Curve which allegedly helps you find shops. Being hungry as I was I quickly typed in the magical keyword.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Unfortunately it was unable to locate the queried location. However, the tappy feeling of typing on the possibly Mac keyboard was enough to give my fingers an orgasm.

Image Hosted by


- Strange Young Man

Saturday, October 11

The Unicorn's Distant Cousin


Image Hosted by

Spotted on a billboard at Midvalley KTM Station, the mystical Unicow stares off into the distance probably being only slightly amused at a mediocre subject, evident by its lazily half-opened eyes.

The Unicow got its name from a Little Girl who saw its single horn upon its head. This led to the creation of many genital-on-forehead jokes by sick perverts like me.

- Strange Young Man

Friday, October 10

A Better Look at STALKER SQUID

Image Hosted by

An old friend. We meet again. Note the devilish smile and its sneaky glare. The very same glare in which the pupil of the eyes are partly obscured by the eyelids. These are clear signs of a CHILD PREDATOR.

In case you have identified YOURSELF to be a child predator and are lacking hands, the following might be useful:

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, October 9

Pussy Cat Fest on a Bridge

Hellllo cyute little kittins.

Taken at Midvalley KTM Station a few months back, it is obvious that this is a popular resting spot for kitties. The (relative to photo) top portion of this walkway is reserved for cats which are of bigger stature while the bottom portion is reserved for tiny miny puny kitties.

Lying down is a necessity to be eligible to laze around on the bridge. Leg-crushers are available to reduce the stubbornest of kittens to a status so disabled it practically makes Stephen Hawking a tap-dancer.

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, October 8

A Restaurant I Wouldn't Be Too Comfortable Eating In

Image Hosted by

I somehow think that the logo was designed by a rascist graphic designer who thinks he's pretty witty. Heheh. He's pretty witty.

- Strange Young Man

Tuesday, October 7

Hot Beef Sundae

Image Hosted by

This is supposed to be tasty. (source)

- Strange Young Man

Monday, October 6

A shoe. On a frickin roof.

Image Hosted by

Just makes you wonder what in heck they were trying to do. Scare off a pesky gargoyle that won't stop laughing at their children as they played in the garden? Plausible.

- Strange Young Man

Sunday, October 5

You're doing it wrong!

Image Hosted by

Instant noodle fail.

- Strange Young Man

Saturday, October 4

Press '2' to select Kitty Canon

Press 2 to Select Cat Cannon - More free videos are here

Item get! Cat cannon gotten! Cannon not working! Put it back!

Unnecessary under-crotch shot towards the end of the video.

- Strange Young Man

Friday, October 3

Buttersafe Is Awesome

If you haven't yet checked out the ridiculously random and twisted webcomic Buttersafe, why not grace them with a visit.

Here's a nice example of the wtffery you are to expect.

Image Hosted by
Very. Arousing.

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, October 2

Malaysian Chainmail : RM3000 Fine Fail

What do you do when a sign explicitly tells you "NO HAWKING. RM3000 PENALTY."

Image Hosted by

You mock the very sign by hanging bananas under it.

- Strange Young Man

Wednesday, October 1

Malaysian Chainmail : Car Park Fail

I've been getting a fair amount of email from my friends with crazy photos which you don't normally see on foreign sites like Digg or BoingBoing.

Image Hosted by

Take this person's handijob for example. Probably slammed on the wrong brakes. Probably needs a severe interior-cleaning job too.

- Strange Young Man