Saturday, May 31

Scaring that hamster sh*tless

Awww look, a little hamster playing on his wheeeel~

Isn't THAT just fabulous?


Awwww. It's hiding under the wheeeel~ How adooorable~

- Strange Young Man

Natalie Dee is awesome

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An artstyle which I enjoy looking at.

Grace her with a visit will ya?

Link has been added in the 'Strange Young People' column on the right.

- Strange Young Man

The Pines

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A DIRTY MIND ; You'll see it if you have one.

- Strange Young Man

The Coin Tower

I was at a train station preparing to buy a RM6.90 ticket.

There wasn't anyone at the counter so I used the machine. Damn. I only had RM50.00 notes. So a previous experience taught me that the machine gives change in RM5.00 notes.

The train just arrived in the station. If I don't go now thats another 25 minutes of waiting.

So in it goes.

-slides RM50.00 in-

Nothing happens for about half a minute (hurry up, the train is leavinggg) and then suddenly endless clinking. You'd think I had won a jackpot. I felt a thousand stares behind me. I tried to keep it cool and I swept with my palm the coins into my bag. As I swept, the coins kept falling. Clink clink clink.

Finally, the coins stopped. Took the ticket and ran to the train. Just in time. Bag felt heavier with all that metal.

When I reached home I was thinking what to do with all this:

Image Hosted by

That's about RM43 there.

So then I built a nice little tower.

Then I demolished it. Not as satisfying as it could've been.

- Strange Young Man

Friday, May 30

Airplane Food

On domestic flights, you are lucky if you get the nice food that you used to get about a year ago.

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My relatives all say it tastes like crap well I say screw them. Its. Good.

Artist's impression as to what happens when I see airplane food.

Image Hosted by

Airplane food after being consumed by the me.

Now however, the quality of domestic flight food has gotten worse or budget-friendly.

To the airlines of course. Since the air fare still costs a bomb.

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Squeezed into this neat plastic box is:

Image Hosted by

Some seemingly healthy food. A lot of bread (the last flight I took had very little bread), an apple (last flight was grapes) and some Bytes (replaced by Beryl bitter-sweet chocolate in my last flight [yay])

What I hate about it is that it's cold.

Oh yeah. Aftermath picture:

Image Hosted by

The declining quality of food didn't seem to affect my strict code to finish everything in the box that time.

However my last flight changed all that. The spaghetti they served us with was cold as nails. I put it down after the first bite. Didn't even bother to take a picture. (Lucky you, airline service!)

- Strange Young Man

Strange Recipe

Months ago, a friend was eating some sort of soup noodle thing from a chinese stall restaurant place. Suddenly, "EEEEyerrrrr." Up came the chopsticks and you'd never expect what she fished out.

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Clearly, broken plastic basket pieces is a key ingredient in noodle soup.

Kidding. It's obviously an honest mistake and is so totally NOT going to happen again.

- Strange Young Man

Strange Young World

Being a Strange Young Man is not possible lest I happen to live in a Strange Young World.

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Here we see a sign prompting a normal person like you to register DI SINI!




- Strange Young Man

Big Team Fortress 2 Wall Poster

So I had this Team Fortress 2 addiction a couple of months back.

RM60 was required to print a couple of colored A4s.

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There it is right there.

The black and white anime girl was only RM10. For printing.

The process of wall-sticking was quite laborious. About half an hour each.

Here's a little girl standing near the poster for the sake of size comparison. She's about a meter away from the thing.

RUM BUCKETS! -runs off-

- Strange Young Man

Thursday, May 29

Fish roe Mickey

Eating at a sushi parlor recently, I saw a not-so-hidden Mickey on the finger of my good friend.


- Strange Young Man

Bursting an egg in a sink

I've got a rotten egg in the fridge and I don't know what to do with it.

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So there it is.

Image Hosted by

In a sink.

And awaaaay it goes.

- Strange Young Man

Mortar Firework Launcher

Earlier this year, my uncle brought us some fireworks to play with during Chinese New Year.

And I don't mean silly little pop-pops or dancing flower or whatever you called it.

I mean a huge grenade-like thing which you slide into a pipe tubing thing and light it and run the hell away from.

There's my uncle lighting that mother.

This is a video of the beast in action with the camera placed on the launcher and pointing upwards.

- Strange Young Man

A not-so-strange post

Clearly one's life is not always full of bizzare and over-the-top occurences. This is where the not-so-strange posts come in. Such as this.

Tossing a big heavy-ass rock off the second floor.

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That rock.

Image Hosted by

Is going down there.


Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The horrifying result. An IMPRINT! OH MY! :O HOW UNEXPECTED!

Incidently, this rock has trace amounts of GOLD in it. Any buyers?

Image Hosted by

Thats CLEARLY gold right there, no doubt about it.


- Strange Young Man

What a strange young man

Some of you would recognise the quote from one of my favourite films, Back To The Future!

But this blog is'nt about THAT strange young man, its about I, THE Strange Young Man.

For my first post. Clearly something any strange young man would do.

Collecting his facial hair.

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Yup, freshly pulled hair has sticky substances at its root. Placing them on a smooth clean surface makes them stick there.

You see, I do not shave my facial hair, I pluck them out. It's sinfully satisfying.

Want a closer look?

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No? Closer?

Image Hosted by

How bout now?

Image Hosted by

Here's a bonus picture. These aren't so fresh. These are like 3-4 years old facial hair. When my facial hair first started popping out. There might be a pube or two in there.

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Till next time!

-Strange Young Man