Saturday, May 30


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What do you do with spoilt vegetables?

A. Throw
B. Put in pants

If you answered C, we welcome you, our latest staff, to our ranks in Tesco. We at Tesco try our greatest to prevent the minutest of decomposition from entering the silky smooth guts of our customers.

What does RTC stand for?

A. Refer to Center
B. Rape Till Crying

Wednesday, May 27


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Advice Regarding the Purchase of these Tesco CDs : Don't.


They FAIL.

Monday, May 25

NSFW shoes


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If you're unfamiliar with the term, NSFW is an acronym normally used when warning about viewing material that is Not Safe For Work.

Maybe it's full of salt or something. That's not safe for work. Right? I mean that'll give you a heart attack or something right? Salty shoes. Never thought I'd see the day.

Saturday, May 23

Risks of Sneezing


I can personally confirm that this graph speaks the truth.

Thursday, May 21

They are watching me

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No matter where I look they are there. Looking down at me. With their pea-sized eyeballs of theirs. They want it. They want what is mine. They know.

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They may seem to think I think they are not looking at me. But no. I know. You think turning your head to look at that guy sprinkling seeds all over the place makes me think that you're not looking AT ME?! I know.

Tuesday, May 19

Are you a construction engineer? Can you explain this?

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If you take a good look at this image, you'll notice that there are concrete mendings of cracks in the walls of these buildings.

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Have a closer look.

Is this a result of poor construction or is it a normal occurence? If I were to take a guess, I would say that these cracks are the result of non-uniform drying of the concrete, it happens to all concrete construction and its nothing to worry about.

Then again, I did not go to Penang for years to get an engineering degree unlike some people. If you have knowledge you'd like to share, please do not hesitate to spread your legs wisdom.

UPDATE: A long time old friend, Deckie, who went to Penang for years to get an engineering degree has calmed my fears somewhat.

deckie lawai: yeah
deckie lawai: its not deadly
StrangeYoungMan: hao cum
deckie lawai: unless it happens on the columns or beams
StrangeYoungMan: oh okay
StrangeYoungMan: i feel safer now
deckie lawai: walls don't support loads
deckie lawai: columns and beams do
deckie lawai: and most importantly, the pad footing (the foundation)

Sunday, May 17

The Curious Looking Bank Logo

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Normally, I would make some sort of witty banter commenting on how this logo resembles a certain human organ which is laughable in size.

But my experience being around graphic designers suggest that months and months of brainstorming and preparation had been spent to sift through countless proposal design drafts of the ultimate logo that is to grace this prestigious banking firm.

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There is a possibility that the objectives list of the logo design team looked like the following:


1) Create logo which will make our global presence known
2) Create subtle reference which symbolizes our manhood

Take my observations with a grain of salt.

Friday, May 15

Wednesday, May 13

Snake Chewing [VID]

Are you one of the people who sit cross-legged with your head resting on your fist and wonder, "What in blazes does a snake look like when it chews something? It must look pretty awesome. I mean a snake. Chewing. Anything a snake does has gotta be awesome since they're snakes. Wow snakes! Lollers!"

Well have no fear my fellow Strangers, to top off Animal Week 2009, I present to you an utmost anti-climatic video! The CHEWING SNAKE!

Now go tell your friends you saw a snake chew. Instant popularity.


Monday, May 11

Python Playing At Bukit Beantang [VID]

Some guys were displaying their amazing pythons in the midst of Bukit Bintang. RM5 for a photo? What a rip-off.

Later, he proceeded to wrap one of the pythons around a random kid's neck. Safe. Totally.

Saturday, May 9

Flafiket Comelling [VIDS]

This is a videro of the Fluffy cat being comel. That means cute. For whoever's not from around here.

What you see here is one of the rare days during which the cat Fluffy is being generous. And by that I mean she LETS you pet her. Normally she'd avoid your hand like the plague.

And over here I'm just messing around with camera work. How insane is that?

Not very.

Thursday, May 7

Maggots in the throne [VID]

In case you've forgotten why Strange Young Man is called Strange Young Man, let's see what this Strange Young Man has caught (on video) crawling around in a local washroom.


This is a poorly maintained washroom in Cyberia.

Using the urinals is a challenge. You have to pee from a meter away from the pot and aim your wang at an upwards angle of about 5-10 degrees. Get any closer and your toes will be submerged in stagnant yellow liquid.

Brought to you by the Strange Young Man Animal Week foundation.

Tuesday, May 5

Cat Buttocks [PIC]

Cat buttocks. Surprisingly amusing. The curve and the flow of fur around the buttocks of cats. They are something desirably pleasant looking. It is the buttocks of which belong to the cat, from which my eyes can not turn away from.

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This. Is my curse.

Sunday, May 3

Upclose and Personal : Cicaks [PICS]

Don't think I forgot that it's still Animal Week even though it's been weeks since that week has passed.

Today's post will show you the common house cicak in a way that you've totally never probably maybe never saw before!

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Cicaks in an ice-cream container.

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One of the many cicaks that I have captured with a broom and my bare hands.

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Did you ever know that normal house cicaks' bellies look like this?

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And look, the root of a broken tail.

Why so many cicaks you may wonder. Well it's because of this snake right here:
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Stop staring at me.

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Giving the snake some sunlight. So that it can perform photosynthesis. Because you know, it's green. All green things do that.

Friday, May 1

Bird on a stick [PICS]

Happy new month!

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I wish I was a burd so I could sit on the tallest stick on the tallest tree in the whooole wooorld! And just sit there and sit.

And maybe sit somemore. Or maybe I could shift my weight a little. To the right. Because sometimes my leg gets tired if I put my whole weight on it for too long.