Sunday, December 13

Selling my Toyota Supra 1999 Modified with body kit

XMODS Red Toyota Supra with 'tuner' body kit and 'original' body kit. Also included are some spare parts, a carrying case, a booklet and those awesome lights you see there.

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Item(s) conditions:
Minor scratch on front bumper

Reason for sale: Buying Proton Gen-2

Additional Details:

+ Item is provided as-is. It is in perfect working condition a month ago but haven't checked since.

+ Radio controller 9 volt battery included.

+ Car batteries not included. If you want to test it, please bring some along.

+ Uses 4 AAA batteries

+ This is not a toy. It is comparable to higher end R/C cars the only difference being its size.

+ I suspect there will be some questions about its speed. It could go uncontrollably fast (roughly 2m/s) once but I've burnt out that motor. I've only got a lower end motor now.

+ Has proportional steering (smooth turning not like those toy cars in the jusco which just snaps left or right)

Email me for pinkslip (ownership transfer) details. -wink wink-

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SupermotoXL said...

Hey, how much you selling those XMOD? 4WD? PM me at (allokitty)