Friday, October 23


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See, that's Batu Caves to the left side of the horizon.

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To its right, that's roughly the Sri Gombak area. Which is my current residence.

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That burning was going on for a few weeks with no obvious plans to stop.

The burning smell came back again last night. And none of our windows or doors were open. Can you imagine inhaling the smell of burning throughout the whole night? While you're sleeping? trying to sleep?

It's almost as bad as sitting in a coffee shop at 8:47 in the morning blogging after breakfast and a couple comes to the table next to yours and they start sucking on their cigs.

Haze has changed. A few years ago haze was a thick eyebrowed issue. What with the masks and the air pollution index.

Now it's as common as breathing semi-polluted air.

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