Saturday, October 24

RapidKL Kelana Jaya line to increase number of trains

I have just received a tip-off from my RapidKL informer Rodzi Nanyat who is totally not going to get fired for giving me information regarding the increase of trains on the Kelana Jaya line.

Rodzi, who told me to keep it a secret, said that the current 2-car trains will be extended by two more cars thus doubling the trains capacity.

He says the management always had plans to have a 4-car train but budget concerns meant that the 4-car train can only be realized later in the trains production life.

Rodzi is totally a real employee at RapidKL and RapidKL should not attempt to murder him and make it look like an accident (like pushing him onto the train tracks) for revealing company secrets.

What! What do you mean no such employee exists!

If Rodzi is fictional, how else would I know about their 4 car trains?!

Obvious signs you say?? What are you talking about?

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These tell-tale "extra doors" probably don't mean anything.

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And this train with some beras and a happy cop shouldn't be of any significance.

And this video of the 4-car train by kelvinkhew being tested in broad daylight?

The shadows are all wrong.

UPDATE: Reader edmundyung shares with us a months-old photo of the 4-car train in the depot

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Great photojournalism skills there edmund!

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Edmund Yung said...

I saw them here at the LRT Depot for quite a long time already... ~few month... can't wait for them to start operational!!