Friday, December 18

I have become a victim of the advertising industry

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Remember the Calorie Mate which is the very same one that Naked Snake promoted with all his facial-hairy-glory?

Well his fuzzy facial hair has clouded my judgment and has resulted in the purchase of these little blocks of food.

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The first real look of a Calorie Mate block.

They taste chocolatey and has a calorie-ful sort of taste to it. As I sunk my teeth into the soft and brittle compound, my tongue was greeted with little chunks of the block.

From what I can tell, this block was saturated with cookie. It didn't feel like there were little bubbles of air within the block. They absorbed the moisture of my tongue in the same way powder would.

The mixture felt like cookie-dough as it slid down my throat.

So that's my highly-descriptive experience eating the block. I liked it. I have to write down my experience in such detail because I doubt I'll be getting another one since it costs an excessive RM11.00 in KLCC Isetan last time I checked.

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