Friday, July 4

Cereal Boycotts Milk

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In a recent protest, cereal has shunned milk in hoping that they may achieve independence.

Cereal and milk has coexisted for millenia but the YCM(Young Cerealist Movement) brought up issues concerning milk and their stereotypical understanding that cereal only goes well with milk.

The YCM believes that the boycott of milk will increase their profit twofold.

"Instead of spending money on milk to eat with cereal, people could just by cereal and eat it on its own! The eventual absence of milk will result in the increase of cereal in what is already severely limited bowl-space.", said YCM leader , Crunchie Crunchkins.

The boycott has resulted in sightings of cows with freakishly oversized and bloated mammary glands. Worried farmers have stocked up on umbrellas in preparation for the eventual event nicknamed "Creamy Rain".

- SYM News Network

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