Thursday, November 13

Fat Finger Illusion

For today's lesson of non-necessity, I will explain the fat finger illusion which can be seen in Ikea's in-your-face, that'll-teach-you-who's-boss, don't-question-us THAT'S WHY ads.

Upon approaching the ad, you will realise that they used a model with hideously fat fingers for their ads.

Why did they use fat-fingered models? Do they have some sort of weird fetish? What kind of sick fetish is it?? Is it hygienic? Could it potentially cause a rectal infection?

Of course not, silly.

The model isn't fat fingered, it's an ILLUSION!

Take a few steps back and you'll realise the fat finger is actually not so fat.

See? Not so fat.

The reason I was standing so close in the first place was because the font they used in the ad was a tad too small.

So, Ikea is kind of trapped between two choices :

a) increase the font size and waste printing ink and have ordinary fingers

b) maintain font size but instill weird fetishes in patrons minds

0r I just need glasses.

- Strange Young Man

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