Wednesday, August 27

The Shocked Wacom Stylus

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O A O : A Wacom stylus is shocked

Yanking out the button for the stylus reveals that the stylus isn't too happy about that.

- Strange Young Man


ColonelErnie said...


googling wacom stylus, i came across your blog. My button is gone and the stylus was still working for a long while, but now has stopped working. It acts like an unclickable mouse. Have you experienced this?

Or... is that not even your picture. Just realized it might not be... Bah. help?

Strange Young Man said...

i'm afraid i can't help you. this was indeed a stylus that belongs to me but i merely removed the button, took a picture and replaced it after that. only thing i can think of is get a brand new stylus. even though that is not the most effecient of methods.