Tuesday, August 26

A Pleasure Every Child Should Know Of

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TEDDY TALES: A seemingly innocent teaser-barrier was put up where this Teddy Tales shop is going to be

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GASP: Upon closer inspection, there appears to be a teddy sucking on shisha (hookah)

I am guessing the motives of the shop is not as sinister as it first appears to be. Here is what I think probably happened:

1) Guy is hired to design teddies on construction barriers

2) Guy googles for references images of genies

3) Because genies grant wishes and all happy things come from wishes

4) Finds reference image of genie smoking a shisha and unknowingly draws it thinking its all good for childrens minds

5) Or they're merely following Disney's footsteps ; see following

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HOOKAH-SMOKING CATTERPILLAR: Smoking a red hookah/shisha (source)

This is clearly not a big deal since cigarette ads are all over the place anyway. It also doesn't mean Teddy Tales are encouraging little kids to smoke shisha.

But then again that image is as out of place as a condom on a daisy with a taffly on it.

- Strange Young Man

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