Thursday, August 28

Horrible Effects of Steroids

Nope. There's no horribly traumatizing photograph in this post. Not at all.

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BLOODY HELL: Take steroids and you become a pimple pie (source WIRED)

In some cases, people who take steroids get a hormonal imbalance or something and CHANGE GENDERS.

Poor soul was told that she was being fed VITAMINS. To all my athletic friends out there, please be careful of what your coaches tell you.

And no, I have not run out of original photos to show you. I am er.. simply trying to er.. get the word out there you know. Steroids are not worth the trouble! Yeah!

- Strange Young Man


Anonymous said...

i dont think this is real. even if it is he is one in about 20 million people

Strange Young Man said...

may be. could be a severe allergic reaction.