Wednesday, July 29

Manga Messiah

I was going through a Christian gift shop in Kuching one day when I came across this little gem.

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What better way to convince those 'youngsters' that Jesus is cool than by showing him wearing jeans and riding huge red motorcycles?

This other one goes all the way and makes a MANGA out of Him. MANGA MESSIAH.

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You just knoooow that evil looking one is Judas.

Conversation between shop-keeper and me:

Me : *looks at manga messiah in disbelief*
SK : Pretty neat huh? Youths like you should be reading these instead of the fighting-fighting ones.
Me : *pretends to be on her side* Yeah! Exactly! That's what I was thinking! That's why I'm taking a photo to recommend this to my friends!
SK : Oh that's good! *proceeds to talk about offers and discounts*

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If anyone has any idea how well these books are selling please let me know. These are AWESOME.

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