Saturday, July 25

Big ass fan

You may live in Miri but how many of you actually know that there's a big ass fan in E-mart? It's HUGE!

It's also very functional. From where the fat man was standing in that video, you could feel a good breeze.

You'll never guess the name of the company who spawned this monstrosity.

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COMPANY LOGO: Only visible if you squint your eyes and turn your head 45 degrees in a clockwise direction.

Big Ass Fans. It is a company in Colorado Lexington, Kentucky which specializes in creating huge ass fans. They are supposed to be very energy efficient due to their low power consumption and massive diameter.

I respect the person who made the decision to install this fan.


Anonymous said...

They are located in Lexington, KY, not in Colorado. Their building is kind of a landmark here in Lexington.

Anonymous said...

there's one big one in Bugis Street, Singapore. So, i guess it doesnt matter how big it long as it works.. :)