Friday, April 17

Snake eats cicak [PICS and VID]

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be uploading anything interesting that I find in my 'Animlats' folder. That's strange-speak for 'animals'.

In case you are from Oregon, USA, 'cicak' in the title means 'lizard'. But generally only means house geckos. It is not pronounced 'kai kack' as you might expect but 'chee-chuck' like cheese-of-chuck.

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This creature here is my pet oriental whipsnake which I have since released into the house of some person who calls himself Rain.

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One of the many victims this snake has eaten.

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The cicak is smiling. At you.

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Mr n Ms Peanut said...

w00t! I have the very same Half Life 2 mouse pad...