Sunday, April 5

Aboard the Aerobus - Back to Miri [PICS] [VID]

I was on my way to Miri one time and I had to take an Aerobus to LCCT. I got a front row seat and I had a good view of whatever that's in front of me.

This is the bus cockpit(teehee). Nice bus drivers sit over there and drive buses. Image stitched with freeware Autostitch.

I was always intrigued by long shots of traffic. See if you feel the same.

That's MMU. It's ironic how I had to take a 45-minute bus ride all the way to KL sentral from MMU only to have the 1-hour bus take me back to Cyberjaya then proceed on to LCCT.

A toll.

Creative compartment in which the bus driver places his PLUS ticket into.

More highway shots.

The secret path behind the runway.

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y X X X X X X X X X.

The above is a video is a collection of clips taken during what I like to call the "first mark" of my trip to Miri.

The first clip shows me in the E1 bus to KL Sentral spotting a taxi driver dig his nose.

The second clip shows me catching a landing plane right as we pass the runway threshold.

The subsequent clips are of the blue-engined A320 of Air Asia on which I hopped on back to Miri on 11-01-09

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