Tuesday, April 7

Rasterbated Big Boss Wallpaper [Progress PICS]

Have you heard of the Rasterbator? It makes whatever image you have and turns it into a rasterized image of any size you choose.

Some people have very ambitious rasterbations such as these people:

(image from a kugel)

I am only mildly ambitious as you can see from the following:

Team Fortress 2 Rasterbation and some ecchi graphic from Deviantart. Can't remember who exactly, please let me know if you see this.

This is the intended replacement rasterbation.

Goodbye old ecchi rasterbation.

This is the hard part, cutting off the borders from the paper so that the images will combine seamlessly. Using the 'print to borders' option was a failure. See Team Fortress 2 poster above.

So it is ripped off. Empty wall.

Markings left behind. Cross cross cross.

After about an hour of pasting, it's finally completed.

Here's how it looks like in blacklight. The top left corner and bottom right corner are darker because it is a different quality of paper.


Edmund Yung said...

I didn't know it's called Rasterbation. Here's a similar one made by my friend, for practice purpose.


Strange Young Man said...

haha oh man is that a 737 cockpit?

its only a rasterbation if you use the rasterbator software.