Friday, January 13

Gadget Kaki

As a future post will clarify. I need a new Samsung Galaxy Tab charger.

I managed to find a nice fellow on the Lowyat forums by the name of ohde selling the chargers for a reasonable price.

Awesome customer service and polite as well.

Shipped and delivered within 3 days.

Image Hosted by

Here it is before openation.

Image Hosted by

Packed with a pretty good amount of filler papers as well.

Image Hosted by

However was slightly disappointed that the charger was a 2-pin head when my original charger was a 3-pin head. There was also no box so there was no exciting unboxing experience. However it was all done to reduce the cost of the overall purchase. I suppose I can live with that.

Thanks ohde for the great support! His thread may be found here: [WTS]SAMSUNG/HTC/SE/MOTO/LG-ACCESSORY [GADGETKAKI]

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