Thursday, March 10

The Strange Young Man Phlog Update!

Yes I've created a new term! A PHLOG. That's like:

Photo + Blog = Phlog

I am so clever.

Now, enough of my cleverness. Let's see what sort of madness that I've come across recently.

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Oh yes. There's the anusface guy. Who thinks he's a Helghan soldier. He maintains that those two white tubes are actually breathing apparatus. Ah~ what a cold joke.

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Cow car loves grass.

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Some restaurant with an emo-bird-stuck-in-a-birdcage-singing-for-all-theme going on.
This was at the bridging point between Gardens and Midvalley's Megamall.

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I never realized how terrifying the control tower was until this point. Bfuwishztt! Schvuwabam! That's dramatic lightning sound effects from the lips, yo.

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