Thursday, March 10

Clearly too much Redditing

In case you still haven't discovered Reddit yet, you should probably go take a look. Not only are there memorable rage comics all around, but there are also posts on practically any topic that you may find interesting.

It is essentially a site where users are able to share links or thoughts to interesting subjects. The really interesting ones appear on the frontpage.

There is also an interesting section called the IAmA section where individuals who think they are interesting (politicians, former prison inmates) ask the readers of Reddit to practically ask them anything.

I mainly Reddit for the rage comics though.

Which inspired some of these you see here.

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Back in a hometown one day, I came across this delicious sign which describes the fact that:


Besides the surprising fact of their nearness, they also went on to describe the date on which they are close. Namely:


Oh such amusing times.

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This next one is related to the fact that I imitated something done by someone on Reddit with less-than-desirable effects.

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