Saturday, January 2

Color Blind Discrimination

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I saw this ad somewhere and I am greatly offended good sirs.

It requires me to test my level of intelligence by determining a number in an Ishihara color test.

Am I to assume that if my eyes are unable to detect the number in that mess of spots, I am automatically someone of less intelligence?

So does that mean if I get a Ph.D my color blindness will go away and I can finally fulfill my dream of being a pilot?


-sobs in a corner-

Incidentally, there are special lenses for helping the color blind. I should consider investing in some of those. Hard to come by in Malaysialand though.

p/s: Is it 21?

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me, myself + mIcHeLLe said...

there there.. *pat pat*

i think i saw 21 too. not sure.