Wednesday, September 16

Windows Live Messenger Forces You To Upgrade

Why am I forced to upgrade, Microsoft, why?

Is there something in the new MSN that serves some shady purpose that the old MSN is not able to?

Please do not force me to upgrade, Microsoft, for there is a handwriting limit in the new MSN. :c

Oooh! Microsoft Office Outlook Connector! Thanks! I TOTALLY asked for that program to be installed.

Handwriting limit? Oh please do elaborate, Strange Young Man.

Well, normally you'd be able to draw complex drawings in Messenger handwriting. There will be no limit as to how many STROKES you make in the handwriting tab.

But in NEW Messenger, there's a stroke limit. Once you pass this limit, you get a heart-warming message which states:

'Your ink message could not be delivered to all recipients'

Wow! Thanks Microsoft! I feel VERY entertained when I'm able to send a drawing of a highly detailed stickman to my friend. Very. Entertained. -tear falls from corner of eye-

UPDATE: A young lad by the name of Grisser has revealed to the clergy that there's an alternate old version MSN messenger which does not have the stroke limit which can be downloaded here.

So far, tests have shown that the stroke limit has indeed been lifted but I also seem to get 'The message was not delivered.' to some people. It's worth it.

UPDATE 2: Grisser's solution has become obsolete in a matter of weeks. I get the same message again just recently. But a new solution has spawned! And who better to tell you the solution to this than... BRAIN POD 13!

Brain Pod 13: Right click your shortcut to open Messenger, and click Properties, you will see a few tabs. One of them says 'Compatibility Mode'. Check the box which says 'Run this program in compatibility mode for' select 'Windows 2000' from the dropdown list. This was done on Vista. For XP users, you may want to try other compatibility OS's. Good day.


Grisser said...

just randomly replying to old blog post!

Microsoft forces beta client to update.

That is the version I've installed after I found out about the stroke limit, haha.

Strange Young Man said...

You sir,

Are Awesome.

That is all.

m00kz said...

Compatibility mode for 2000 does not work. I still have the same crap stroke limit.

They need to fix this, it's ridiculous having to deal with this after an "UPGRADE"