Wednesday, September 16

RapidKL Can't Make Up Their Minds

Did you know that RapidKL just installed new Touch n' Go turnstills at several locations including Terminal Putra and Masjid Jamek?

You would think they're thinking of integrating all their systems to somehow use Touch n' Go.

But no, only a few weeks later, September 1st, all Touch n' Go units on buses were removed.

Brilliant! -golf clap-

UPDATE: My painstaking and meticulously researched material concerning this surprising turn of events is because RapidKL's Touch n Go contract (for the buses at least) have ended, reports bus driver of bus T203 this morning. Understandable.

But why have a few months gap in between renewing the touch n go contract?

Would have preferred if RapidKL managed to minimize the renewal period.

Said bus driver also said that TnG will be reimplemented next year. Though the unit seems to be already fitted on bus T203 this morning.

Also, most of the familiar 'U' buses don't stop in Titiwangsa any longer. Some have their final stop in Chow Kit station. Was at Titiwangsa station for an hour and a half before I realized what was going on.

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