Wednesday, March 4

Hypnotize yourself

This image seems to demonstrate that it is possible to induce a sense of "a drug high" without the insane addictive properties of the drugs.

It is done by simply playing "white noise" like radio static while having half-ping-pong balls taped to your eyes.

The idea is that when your main senses are numbed, vision and hearing, your mind makes up visions of its own. That guy in the image can apparently see a rainbow, a unicorn and a 19th century male.

The other experiment in the image that I would like to try is that long nose thing. Sit behind a friend, use one hand to rub your own nose while the other hand stretches to rub your friend's nose.

You should be able to percieve your nose as being long. I wonder if it works on other body parts. I wonder if that means I can finally experience how having firm supple boobs dangling down my chest feel like.


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ANGEL_LINA said...

This is interesting. I like !