Wednesday, March 4

Mystical Indonesian Healer Boy

Summary of events
Mohammad Ponari of East Java village of Balongsari walks around in rain, gets struck by lightning, wakes up with egg-sized stone on head.

Said stone when dipped in water is miraculous. Makes mute boy speaks, sprained-arm-man is okay, and a feverish boy gets better.

A heck lot of people line up to meet this miracle healer. Even some from Malaysia. (Are you one of them? If so, please share your story with us)

After recieving around 1 billion Rupiah (RM310,000) in charity donations, Ponari is himself sick. Village chief beliefs the stone "scolded" Ponari for accepting cash.

These events were belived by many to simply be the result of the 'placebo effect' where the mind is tricked into believing that something is good for you when in reality, it is actually doing nothing.

Personally, if someone close to me is severely sick, I wouldn't mind visiting this kid. Good luck Ponari, get well soon.

(source; The Age)

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