Thursday, May 29

What a strange young man

Some of you would recognise the quote from one of my favourite films, Back To The Future!

But this blog is'nt about THAT strange young man, its about I, THE Strange Young Man.

For my first post. Clearly something any strange young man would do.

Collecting his facial hair.

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Yup, freshly pulled hair has sticky substances at its root. Placing them on a smooth clean surface makes them stick there.

You see, I do not shave my facial hair, I pluck them out. It's sinfully satisfying.

Want a closer look?

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No? Closer?

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How bout now?

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Here's a bonus picture. These aren't so fresh. These are like 3-4 years old facial hair. When my facial hair first started popping out. There might be a pube or two in there.

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Till next time!

-Strange Young Man

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