Friday, May 30

Airplane Food

On domestic flights, you are lucky if you get the nice food that you used to get about a year ago.

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My relatives all say it tastes like crap well I say screw them. Its. Good.

Artist's impression as to what happens when I see airplane food.

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Airplane food after being consumed by the me.

Now however, the quality of domestic flight food has gotten worse or budget-friendly.

To the airlines of course. Since the air fare still costs a bomb.

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Squeezed into this neat plastic box is:

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Some seemingly healthy food. A lot of bread (the last flight I took had very little bread), an apple (last flight was grapes) and some Bytes (replaced by Beryl bitter-sweet chocolate in my last flight [yay])

What I hate about it is that it's cold.

Oh yeah. Aftermath picture:

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The declining quality of food didn't seem to affect my strict code to finish everything in the box that time.

However my last flight changed all that. The spaghetti they served us with was cold as nails. I put it down after the first bite. Didn't even bother to take a picture. (Lucky you, airline service!)

- Strange Young Man


kiyaa said...

its true i do think airplane food i s awesome pawsome. when warm.

Strange Young Man said...

yay pawsome! eheh. i like that. paw. so soft and squishy. kinda reminds me of that other soft and squishy thing. you know the one.