Saturday, May 31

The Coin Tower

I was at a train station preparing to buy a RM6.90 ticket.

There wasn't anyone at the counter so I used the machine. Damn. I only had RM50.00 notes. So a previous experience taught me that the machine gives change in RM5.00 notes.

The train just arrived in the station. If I don't go now thats another 25 minutes of waiting.

So in it goes.

-slides RM50.00 in-

Nothing happens for about half a minute (hurry up, the train is leavinggg) and then suddenly endless clinking. You'd think I had won a jackpot. I felt a thousand stares behind me. I tried to keep it cool and I swept with my palm the coins into my bag. As I swept, the coins kept falling. Clink clink clink.

Finally, the coins stopped. Took the ticket and ran to the train. Just in time. Bag felt heavier with all that metal.

When I reached home I was thinking what to do with all this:

Image Hosted by

That's about RM43 there.

So then I built a nice little tower.

Then I demolished it. Not as satisfying as it could've been.

- Strange Young Man

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