Wednesday, August 12

Fish Bone In My Throat

A few days ago I noticed that when I swallowed (my saliva), I feel a little poke at the back of my tongue.

I never paid attention to it until this morning, I looked at my throat in the mirror and saw a short (5mm) sharp thingy poking out of my throat.

I then realized that I have a fish bone stuck inside my throat. I grabbed the nearest tweezers but it was too short and I couldn't reach it.

At the time I was also not very certain whether or not it was a fish bone so I placed the tweezers down and poked at the bone with my finger all the while gagging a few milliliters of slimy saliva into the sink.

My tongue got cramped a few times too as I was trying hard to get a good look at the bone. After a few minutes my tongue was cramping bad.

I left it alone for a few hours. Then later at night I felt the annoying poke again. I tried looking for a longer pair of tweezers but was unsuccessful.

I poked at the flesh around the bone a few times to make sure it was really a bone and not just a white stripe in my throat. This time I was totally convinced because when I pressed my flesh in, the bone stayed still. It stuck out of my flesh similar to how when you press down on a sponge that has a toothpick stuck in it, the sponge compresses but the toothpick stays.

I stumbled around looking for a pair of tweezers that I remember seeing in this house a few months ago but I never found them.

Then I saw a pair of thin narrow scissors. Hmm.

I carefully inserted the scissors into my throat, slowly 'picked' the bone with the scissors and pulled.

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LONG: Damn that thing was stuck 2/3's into my throatflesh

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THE SAVIOR: I couldn't have done it without you, long narrow scissors

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IT WAS THERE: This is a post-processed, post-bone-removal picture showing where the bone was sticking out from

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STENCH OF A THOUSAND FISHMAIDS: Being the adventurous fool that I am, I took a long hard whiff of the lost fishbone. You know how morning-breath smells like? Mix that with the smell of a rotting carcass of a fish stuffed in a cow's anus when it's sitting on a landfill after the rain and you will get the relative idea of how this bone smells like

I dropped the scissors (thus snipping the bone) when taking that photograph so you can see that it is considerably shorter.

If fish bones can easily get stuck in your throat, I wonder how many fishbones are there in my tummy.


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