Thursday, February 12

The Golden Statue

murugan golden statue
Magnificent giant golden statue of Batu Caves. Definitely an eye-catcher. This is a statue of Hindu deity, Murugan, the GOD OF WAR. The tallest one of which in the world.

Standing almost 50 metres, it was brought in from Thailand and costed around 24 million Rupees (approximately RM1,750,261.57). 300 litres of gold paint was used to envelope the deity.

batu caves
This was back before the almighty God of War was complete.

milk bottle stall
And this was way back when the God Of War was selling milk for a living. No wait, my notes failed me. This is a random Batu Cave-r who is selling milk in a milk-bottle-shaped stall.

I like that stall.

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