Friday, January 9

Angry Air-Asia Passengers

Have you ever been screwed over by an airline company? Long hours of delays? Impolite stewards?

Too much of a wuss to stand up and yell profanities at their forehead?

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This guy certainly fit all that description. His methodology in giving them a chunk of his brain is scribbling notes on the lavatory walls and toilet lid.

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He's just shy.

Taken on an international flight by dear Candydon.

- Strange Young Man

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cikgu said...

Getting cheated might be a case to case incidents. I've been flying Airasia few times but has nothing to be mad about except for the scrambling to board the aircraft at the lounge.

What he did is just not expressing his anger but also vandalism on public property.

Airasia did get me home from Labuan once after missing my MAS flight.