Thursday, October 30

Indomie vs Ibumie

Ever tried looking for Indomie only to find that Ibumie is the only product on the shelves?

Perhaps you feel that Ibumie is a pirated product that is leeching off the success of Indomie. Not only are the packaging similiar in appearance, the taste is exactly the same.

COPYCAT! PIRATIST! You may yell. This Kuchingite definitely did.

Original Indomie packaging. Borrowed from a site which discusses about being fat. (seriously)

And Ibumie packaging. Borrowed from the miffed Kuchingite's weblog.

There's a pretty good explanation to this piracy.

They are by the same company.

(Corbis image added to increase dramatic tension)

Both noodles are distributed by Biz-Allianz and Ibumie apparently decided to buy the Indomie name.

So. Unnecessary research aside, eat well knowing that Ibumie isn't a cheap knock-off of Indomie, but, its spiritual successor.

- Strange Young Man


Anonymous said...

they should have done it long ago!, it have tarnished the real Indomie IMgae by indofood, the fake 1 taste medicore.... the real 1 have been a hit even in nigeria, europe, state, middle east!! license by Indofood,Indonesia not the fake biz-allianz
it have been a staple food in nigeria, they eat it 4 packet a day or a meal!!

Anonymous said...

perisa asli , u mean there is such thing as fake flaovur>>> yes it is ibumie or biz allianz indomie...try to imitate the taste(flavouring), method

Strange Young Man said...

wow i'd like to taste this purely original Indofood indomie. I'd also like to look at a nigerian man grinning next to Indomie.

Sano said...

You should know this, but let me explain, Both the Indomie and the Ibumie in the picture are a knockoff brand of the original Indomie brand owned by Indofood company in Indonesia. They even copy the font style, and even the logo of Indomie! check the Indofood site to confirm.

Anonymous said...

Have anyone wonder why Ibumie selling 10 Ramen Noodles for RM 9.99?

Anonymous said...

There is a lawsuit involved, for 7 years. And you may notice that the Indomie was missing from market for a period of time, til recent years.