Wednesday, September 3

Breadou Review

The Breadou. A miracle stress relieving device. Looks like bread, smells like bread and tastes like getting your butthole clogged with sponge. So I do not recommend eating it.

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Squeezing The Breadou - Watch more funny videos here

As can be clearly seen in this video, the Breadou has a high squeeze to destruction ratio. Multiple squeezings seem to not affect the breadou at all.

People who were asked about the condition of the Breadou after 5 consecutive squeezes all agree that the Breadou has maintained its bready smell and squeezability.

Thank you Lovely Little Girl for getting me my very own Breadou! -munches on it- mmmm~ buttcloggy~

- Strange Young Man


Princess :) said...

You're gonna get something better to squeeze than this thing when we get back >:]

Strange Young Man said...

Er.. calm down folks. It's not what you think. She's really not like that in person. This is clearly a misunderstanding.